Cleve House School: New Sport

Pupils from Cleve House International School in Bristol are among the first youngsters in the country to be learning Padel as part of their Sports curriculum. This new game is one of the fastest growing sports to sweep across the country. Originally started in Mexico, Padel is a bit like a cross between tennis and squash and has been widely enjoyed in many countries such as Spain and for over thirty years.

Headteacher Clare Fraser enjoyed her first introductory session at Padel4All in Lockleaze and has caught the Padel bug playing at least twice a week since September 2023 and can be caught enjoying tournaments now. Padel has been wonderful, it is a sociable game, you play in pairs and I can either play with my husband or if he is busy I just sign up and am put together with someone else of a similar grading. I like it because it is easy to pick up and women can play against men without it being a battle of strength.

Clare Fraser takes a minibus full of Middle Years pupils from Cleve House  International School. who enjoy an afternoon at Rocket Padel in St Annes. The pupils thoroughly enjoy themselves every week and are looking forward to challenging another school soon!