With Christmas a distant memory and the festivities and excesses still hanging around, many of us often ask “how can we get in shape quickly?” Being in shape is not about quick gimmicks or magic lotions and potions, it’s about hard work, making the correct food choices and most importantly having fun whilst doing it! Introducing Clifton Revolution – Bristol’s newest venue for indoor cycling. Suitable for all abilities and confidence levels, Clifton Revolution offer 45 minute sessions that burn on average between 400-600 calories. Enjoy the game-changing experience of MyZone cardio tracking for a safer and more fun ride; and enjoy the specially tailored sessions that will help you to get the results you want faster by tracking your heart rate during work outs and giving accurate calorie burn data.


Guthrie Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3EZ
Tel: 07939 403 049
Web: cliftonrevolution.com