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CNM Pioneers Online Natural Health Diploma Courses

Responding to the current worldwide health challenges, the College of Naturopathic Medicine is now offering online its internationally recognised diploma and short courses to overwhelming positive response from the public. CNM graduates and students know:

  – that a healthy and robust body can resist infections better and return to health faster

  – that a strong immune system is important

  – how to boost the immune system naturally

CBM believes that good health comes from education and practice. The CNM Diploma courses, based on time-proven natural medicine principles and cutting-edge scientific evidence, include, in addition to the informative lectures, many clinical practice sessions. Students apply their knowledge in real-world clinic scenarios throughout their studies. Combined with thorough business marketing training, this offers CNM graduates all of the skills, knowledge and tools required to start a thriving business upon graduation.

More about CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine):

CNM is a pioneer in delivering online courses, as well as having colleges across the UK and internationally. With over 22 years’ excellent track record, CNM trains successful practitioners in natural therapies: surveys show that over 80% of graduates are practising. CNM offers Diploma courses in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Natural Chef/Vegan Natural Chef and Health Coach. Popular short courses include Vegan Nutrition for Everyday Living and The Gut-Brain Connection.  Find out more: www.naturopathy-uk.com.

Testimonials from students and graduates:

I am very impressed with the online case consultations I have honestly learnt far more online than in the classroom. Why? Because I can stop and pause and go back to a certain point to have a better understanding of the subject. J.S Nutritional Therapy

CNM offered me the flexibility to combine studying with my long working hours. What I loved most about CNM’s course was the variety in the lecturers, their experience and practical advice which really helped set expectations for career development and growth. I found the experience eye-opening, promising and challenging. R.M Nutritional Therapy

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CNM Online Open Events

Discover how natural therapies promote true health and vitality. Our events are packed with inspiring tips on how to nurture yourself in natural, sustainable ways.

And if you are thinking of turning your passion into a career, an Online Open Event will also cover what you need to know about studying at CNM.

Visit: naturopathy-uk.com or call 01342 410 505 to find out more

CNM has an exceptional 22-year track record training successful natural health practitioners online and in class. Over 80% of graduates are practising.