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Colston’s Upper School

Colston’s Upper School, Bell Hill, Stapleton, Bristol BS16 1BJ
Tel: 0117 992 3194;  admissions@colstons.org 
Web: colstons.org
Twitter: @colstonsschool

Sector: Independent co-educational

Fees: £5,065 per term

Religious Denomination: All faiths

Total Number of students: 565

Number of Sixth Form students: 140

2021 Exam Results: GCSE % 9-7(A-A): 58% A Level % A-B: 85%

Extra-curricular activities: The School is fortunate to have all facilities on a 30-acre site, meaning students can seamlessly combine academic studies and sporting pursuits. With over 50 clubs to get involved in each week, the Colston’s experience is designed to allow students to find and develop their passion beyond the classroom, whether through the pride and spirit displayed on the sports field, the exciting array of activities in Combined Cadet Force or first-rate creative spaces including art studios, the music technology classroom, or design technology workshop.

Pastoral: The Colston’s philosophy is quite simple: happy children do well. This makes the provision of pastoral care of great importance in the school. At the very heart of this provision is the house system. Four co-educational, 11-18 houses provide a structure through which the development, well-being and happiness of all of young people is monitored and supported.

Unique characteristics: In 2019 the ISI rated Colston’s as ‘excellent’ in all areas. In their report they captured the true essence of Colston’s, highlighting the unique culture of the school as well as the less easy-to-measure elements, which combine to make a Colston’s education so special. The statistics have long shown that Colston’s pupils achieve outstanding exam results and make excellent progress. However, it is the strong values pupils develop; their self-confidence, well-developed communications skills and the resilience they show when things get tough that produce what is known as the Colston’s character.