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Nutritionist Ana Rito’s Comprehensive DNA genetic testing programme

A highly qualified, Bristol-based nutritionist who advises clients on all aspects of achieving and maintaining optimum health has introduced a comprehensive DNA genetic testing programme which personalises lifestyle and nutritional choices helping to reduce the risk from inherent diseases and promote life longevity.

Analysis of the test results provide data on how each individual reacts to such factors as carbohydrates and saturated fats and helps to formulate a plan to produce the healthiest possible diet and lifestyle including the type and amount of exercise that is best for them.

The variances on the DNA readings show how a genetic profile will react to what are considered to be the three most effective healthy diet plans – ‘good’ fat, Mediterranean and moderate carbohydrate. Research suggests that each person responds differently to different food combinations and no one way of eating is right for everyone. Clients can also have specific DNA tests which will help plan personalised training, sports and nutritional strategies to make the very most of their inherited sporting genes.

Using the latest safe infrared technology, the consultancy also offers full ‘before and after’ comparative 3D body scans which analyse shape and give precise information on body composition and overall fitness. A thorough holistic diet and exercise plan designed to achieve and maintain optimum health is then prepared followed by careful monitoring towards achieving pre-set goals.

Visit: anaritonutrition.com