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Create Fertility: The new IVF clinic in Bristol giving women more choice when it comes to fertility treatment

IVF is a technology that transforms lives. Since the first ‘test-tube baby’ Louise Brown – a Bristol-local – was born in 1978, more than 8 million babies have been born around the world as a result of the treatment. A new clinic in Bristol is now offering treatment based on the natural approach used in the first IVF, enhanced with the latest technology.

Giving women choice on fertility treatment

Experts at CREATE are pioneers in the field of Natural and Mild IVF treatment that works with the natural menstrual cycle and has better health outcomes for mothers and babies with:

  • No need to shut down the natural menstrual cycle
  • Lower doses of injections, or in some cases none at all
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Reduced side-effects and health risks

How does Natural and Mild IVF treatment work?

In Mild IVF, women are normally given lower doses of hormone injections aiming for a mild response from the ovaries. In Natural and Natural Modified IVF, doctors aim to collect naturally selected egg/s.

Doctors will advise on the optimum treatment, often depending on whether a woman has a normal egg reserve, in which case Mild IVF is a more suitable treatment, or low egg reserve, when Natural IVF is a better fit. Individualised treatment plans are created for each patient.

“Three things attracted me to CREATE. The first was their more natural and less invasive approach to IVF with reduced amount of drugs. Number two was the quality of their internationally renowned consultants, and number three was their treatment cost.”

Advanced technology

An initial consultation is the best way to obtain an accurate picture of fertility health. At CREATE, this includes an advanced 3D & Doppler ultrasound scan and a consultation with an expert clinician. This is to check the blood flow to the ovaries and follicles, to assess the potential quality of eggs and also check the uterus for the chance of implantation and risk of miscarriage. After this point, CREATE clinicians are able to advise on the best individual treatment pathway.

A fresh alternative

With a new state of the art clinic now open in Bristol city centre, CREATE Fertility is committed to offering women in the South-West an IVF treatment which is woman-friendly with better health outcomes for mothers and babies, while enjoying equivalent success rates to conventional higher stimulation IVF. Treatment is available privately or on the NHS. NHS patients who are eligible will receive treatment in line with NHS guidelines.

An initial consultation with one of the clinic’s specialists is the best way to obtain an accurate picture of fertility health and a personalised treatment programme. For a limited time, CREATE Bristol is offering readers initial consultations for only £149, a 60% reduction in price.

To make an appointment please contact: 0117 428 9200 and quote “BRISTOL IC”; createfertility.co.uk

Featured image: CREATE patient Celine and her daughter Romy
August 2020
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