E-Bike Directory: where to buy

With the possibility of e-bikes being a key part of the solution to Bristol’s traffic problems, we’ve rounded up an e-bike directory and where to find them.

Atmosphere Electric Bikes

137 St Georges Road, Bristol BS1 5UW
Tel: 0117 908 7153 Web: electricbikes.org.ukFreego. Folder Lite, £1,249

Bristol’s early pioneers of electric bikes have been at the forefront of this technology for eleven years – Atmosphere knows what works for Bristol Hills. The team were responsible for the EBike festivals on Park Street for three years which held the Atmosphere World Championships.

Atmosphere is a specialist, only selling electric bikes, making easy work of real hills; Park Street, Jacobs Wells and even Constitution Hill. It has the knowledge and reputation to match the right bike to each person’s particular situation. It is independent so can offer a wide range of models from a selection of well-tested manufacturers. Atmosphere can also fit kits to your existing bike. Proud of its reputation with customers, Atmosphere has many returning for changes and upgrades over the years so can offer some great used bikes.

Services offered include correctly built and tested bikes, bike fit and your first service free of charge. The workshop is staffed by qualified technicians dedicated to the specialist needs of the e-bike, from full service to software updates and battery analysis reports.

Whether you need 100 mile range, a MTB, a comfortable commute or a folding compact e-bike, Atmosphere can help you make the right decision. Go and try a bike or even hire one.

50 Cycles

12-16 Bond Street, Bristol BS1 3LU
Tel: 0333 900 5050 Web: 50cycles.com Riding high. The Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid 50, £2,195

12-16 Bond Street, Bristol, BS1 3LU Tel: 0333 900 5050 Web: 50cycles.com 50cycles has been at the forefront of the electric transport movement, selling specialist high-end electric bikes for 15 years. Initially started in 2003 by two brothers with a business idea, it has now evolved into the biggest e-bike specialist in the UK, with five locations across the country including their huge flagship store in the heart of Bristol.

They stock a vast range of different electric bikes to suit every requirement. Whether that’s a comfort-orientated, step-thru model like their very own Beat Bike brand (£1,695) or a top of the range e-MTB like the Scott E-Genius offerings (£3,595-£5,895). They stock Cube, Kalkhoff, Riese & Muller and Scott as well as several other market-leading e-bike brands so they’re confident they’ll have the perfect e-bike for all customers. If you’re looking for a handy way to get around the campsite during caravan holidays or a helping hand on your daily commute, head over and try one of the demonstrator models on a leisurely ride

Mud Dock Cycleworks and Café

40 The Grove, Bristol BS1 4RB
Tel: 0117 929 2151 Web: mud-dock.comAn elegant commute. The Electra Townie Go! £2,300

Mud Dock has chosen to specialise in only one high-end brand of electric bicycle and that’s Trek. Having worked with them for over 20 years, they are confident in the quality of build as well as having Trek’s full backing on sales, maintenance and customer service.

There are several models of Trek electric bikes on display and more available to order; from fully equipped commuter bikes to trail mountain bikes, weekend leisure and town cruisers. All with either Bosch or Shimano pedal assist electronic motors, giving reliable power and proven electronic systems.

The most popular model is the Electra Townie Go! 8i ladies’ bike. It’s a classic American beach cruiser in its look, with the advantage of Trek’s flat foot technology frame. This, combined with a lower centre of gravity and 26” puncture-resistant Schwalbe balloon tires, makes for an upright and comfortable ride.

All customers are offered a first free service with their electric bike purchase and Mud Dock recommend regular visits to their mechanic for the most up-to-date software for your electric bike, ensuring you have all the benefits of current software improvements. Pop down for a test-ride…

Bristol Bicycles

(At Jake’s Bikes) Unit 6A Haymarket Walk, Bristol, BS1 3LN
Tel: 0117 329 7363 Web: bristolbicycles.co.ukMade in Bristol. The electric bike from Bristol Bicycles, £1,095

Visit Jake’s Bikes to check out the Bristol Bicycles electric bike. Like all Bristol Bicycles’ bikes, this lightweight, good quality e-bike is hand-built right here in Bristol and the powerful motor makes everything, from the the daily commute to uphill cycling, a piece of cake. You get a long range on a single charge, and with a full array of Shimano gears, you will find cycling in the city is amazingly easy.


Fully automatic, very easy to ride. Lightweight (including battery): 21kg. Average range of 25 to 40 miles. 18-month battery warranty. Full Shimano 24-speed gear and brake system. Puncture-resistant tyres come as standard. 0% finance available. Save up to 40% using the cycle scheme. You can even design your Bristol Bicycles e-bike online with their bespoke frames – there’s a wide range of options and sizes available. Visit: bristolbicycles.co.uk/ebike

Bike Science

184 Whiteladies Road, Bristol BS8 2XU
Tel: 0117 927 3444 Web: bike-science.com German technology. The Focus Jarifa 2 Street Pro. Call for prices.

Bike Science Bristol has seen a rapid increase in demand for e-bikes over the past six months, reflecting what is happening on the continent. Andy Sexton comments: “E-bikes make financial sense for commuting. In other parts of Europe, e-bike sales are now outgrowing sales of conventional bikes. The technology has opened up commuting to a new group of people – not the lycra-clad serious cyclists often thought of when talking about cycling to work.”

Situated at the top of Whiteladies Road in Clifton, Bike Science has a unique approach to bike retail which involves each customer visiting the store for a pre-purchase sizing session and free bike fitting on every new bike. This session ensures that every bike they supply fits its rider perfectly. The e-bike brand Focus from Germany offers a huge range of electric bikes from hybrid models aimed at leisure riders and commuters to award-winning off-road machines. “It’s quite hard to describe to people what riding an e-bike is like,” says Andy. “The best thing to do is to come into our store and have a go on one of our demo bikes. E-bikes are available on Cyclescheme so there is financial help available if you are looking to commute in style in 2018.”

Cyclelife Bristol

Straight Street, Broad Plain, Bristol BS2 0JR
Tel: 0117 925 5084 Web: cyclelife.com/bristol/home CycleLife Bristol is part of a national network of independent bike shops supplying a range of e-bikes from Raleigh, Haibike and Diamondback brands and a complete range of accessories. Located next to Gardiner Homecentre, CycleLife is able to meet all your e-bike needs. Manager Lee Salter says: “More and more of our customers are getting into the idea of e-bikes, and we have seen a huge increase in interest over the last few years. You typically find that it’s not until the customer actually tries an electric bike out for themselves that they truly realise how easy, uncomplicated and user-friendly they are. Electric bikes mean that our customers go places and distances that they may not have ever thought about going before.”

We also caught up with Pippa Wibberley, sales and marketing director for Raleigh UK, who have a huge range on display and available to order at CycleLife. “The latest electric bikes from Raleigh really seem to have caught people’s imagination,” she tells us. “Whether it’s for fun and leisure or just getting to work, especially along Bristol’s hilly roads, quickly and reliably. Modern electric motors and batteries are getting lighter and more durable all the time and we know that looks really matter, too. The increasing popularity of these models seems to be down to the viral nature of this trend. Happy customers tend to tell their family members and work colleagues how much happier and healthier they feel.”

Featured image courtesy of Cyclelife Bristol