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Get back on course
with Naturopathy

“My health journey has taken me from crutches to running a Triathlon. Studying at CNM helped me do it.”
By Angela MacRitchie, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, and Naturopathy

I was a county gymnast at the age of 19 when my knee swelled up and I could only walk with crutches.  Over the next 20 years I had six operations, took heavy painkillers and was often bed-ridden with pain. After the sixth operation my consultant said “No more operations, I’m referring you to the Rheumatology clinic”.

Prescribed a cocktail of powerful anti-inflammatories, which, despite making me feel very unwell, brought down the swelling dramatically, meant that I could dispense with crutches, though I was still in pain. I was told I’d be taking anti-inflammatory drugs for life, so I began to investigate natural alternatives.

When I explained to the rheumatologist the natural changes I was making, he was unimpressed.  I told him I had challenged myself to do a triathlon in two years’ time, to which he replied, “No chance”.

But my body increasingly began to wake up again and respond. Two years later, at the age of 46 I successfully completed my first triathlon.

I’m now 48. It’s been four years since I’ve taken any medication. My knee is fine, I’m pain-free and enjoy more mobility than since I was a teenager.  The only reason I haven’t done more triathlons is because I’ve been studying for three Diplomas at CNM: Nutrition, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine.

I learnt amazing facts at CNM which really helped my health.  It turned out my blood had no Rheumatoid factor markers, so Rheumatoid Arthritis was never the problem. 

It was tough studying for three Diplomas and working full time, but everyone at CNM helped me. I now have three clinics offering my clients complete wellbeing packages. As a Naturopath I know the importance of giving the body what it needs for healing and returning to balance and inspiring people to make positive change in their lives.

I don’t have the words to express how much studying at CNM has changed my life.

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