Getting personal with the John Lewis styling service

Crystal Rose heads to John Lewis’ recently renovated personal styling service in search of perfect partywear pieces

Offering free personal styling services that include a wardrobe refresh, workwear options and my personal favourite, finding the perfect pair of jeans, John Lewis is focusing on finding the right fit, styles and colours tailored to you. What’s more, there’s no minimum spend attached, which came as a bit of a surprise to me – although it may be hard not to embark on a spree of spending once you’ve found that outfit.

The service begins with a call from one of the personal stylists prior to the session. Here, Rachel and I discuss my style, sizes and what I want to get out of the whole experience. For me, I like my partywear to be adaptable into my work wardrobe. I love finding that statement skirt that looks great on a night out but also works in the office with knitted jumpers.

Personal stylist Rachel Smith was on hand to help me find perfect partywear

Stepping into the personal styling room, I’m met with a flock of gorgeous festive pieces including pleated skirts, knitted jumpers and a beaut pair of leopard block-heel ankle boots from Dune. Getting off to a flying start with a green leopard-print skirt from Whistles, Rachel talks me through the skirt lengths that suit my legs and taught me all about the cool colourings I mightn’t have thought of that match my skin type best.

Trying many outfits on me, mixing and matching pieces and also coming across a few styles that just don’t work for me and my figure, she’s superb at tailoring all options and explaining every outfit. It’s all about proportions and keeping within them. I found out about the styles that work for my body shape (the higher the neckline, the better) and those that aren’t flattering for me (sleeveless, it seems, is a no-no).

With a dash of honesty and a whole lot of expert advice, Rachel didn’t stop until we found exactly what I was looking for. This being the first personal styling service that I’ve had, I wondered why I’ve never done this before. Spending my time trying on all the options in a beautifully decorated room and with a stylist on hand is my new favourite way to shop. Goodbye crowded fitting rooms and terrible light, I’m all for that personal touch that’s available at John Lewis.

I tried on colours that were completely new to me and styles that I was sceptical about and, boy, did it pay off! It’s evident how much the team love what they do and the hard work they put in and that resonates. “It’s all about making those pieces work hard for you,” says Rachel, “That way you’ll get the most out of them. I strive to wear bold outfits that clash perfectly but it’s hard to know how to execute this. Ensure they complement each other on the colour wheel and then absolutely go for it,” – sound advice.

The outcome? The insanely beautiful Jungle Cat dress from Whistles (£179) teamed with the cream Cuff Jumper from Mint Velvet (£89). Ideal for the chillier party season and day-to-day winter wardrobe like.

One of the most pleasurable shopping experiences, that focused solely on me and gave me invaluable advice tailored to me at no extra cost: I think I’ve found a way to sensibly control my love for fashion.

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