8 Perry Road, Bristol
W: greatwhiteart.com

With a reputation for selling some of the most vibrant, collectable and investable art in the country, this gallery represents well-established artists such as Tom White, Harry Bunce, Alex Lucas and JJ Adams. It most recently acquired vinyl artist Ben Riley and painter/street artist Tommy Fiendish, and also shares the work of up-and-coming talent.

Four of Great White Art’s artists – Harry Bunce, Alex Lucas, George Harding and Miche – all participated in Upfest 2018, creating wonderful works of art for the city to enjoy.

In October, Tom White’s latest Bristol cityscapes will be on display, which include a beautiful painting of St Agnes Church. Alongside this will be new work by Harry Bunce, whose cast of cool, vaguely sinister anthropomorphic animals have earned him the reputation of being a hybrid between Beatrix Potter and Quentin Tarantino. The show runs from 18 – 27 October.

Featured image: Art! by Tom White