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Hair today, gone tomorrow with EF Medispa

Crystal Rose goes under the laser and stops beating around the bush with unwanted hairs

Protective goggles on, I thought about the countless body hairs I constantly obsessed over and how they had led me to the EF Medispa clinic. While we’re repeatedly told they’re completely natural, in all honesty I still feel deflated when I look down at myself and see the latest jet-black foe that’s appeared (once even on my chest…)

After opting for a laser hair removal treatment and talking about it more to those around me, I had come to realise how much unwanted body hair can knock body confidence. As Becca from EF Medispa reminded me, you never know what concerns people are concealing from the world and how they may view themselves. To you, something may seem the most unsightly thing but to others it’s just human, barely noticeable.

Speaking as a self-confessed depilation lover, it can be so easy to obsess – and with no hair of mine ever left unwaxed, shaved or groomed for long, I decided it had all become too much maintenance and was time to take real action.

Set in the heart of Clifton on Whiteladies Road, the clinic welcomes a variety of ages through the doors, who visit in search of solutions to different problems including unwelcome fluff. During my consultation, Becca and I discussed my worries and set about deciding the best treatment for me. She also informed me of the areas that people usually wish to have laser hair reduction on – most commonly the face, stomach, legs and bikini regions.

An initial patch test was conducted on my stomach and underarms to ensure that my skin would be suitable for the treatment. Though a course of six sessions is recommended to ensure long-lasting results, the length of the treatment is uniquely designed for each individual. This is to ensure that the best results can be achieved for everyone. EF Medispa is all about the long-term solution for your concerns – helping you to get what you’ve always wanted with no quick fixes in sight. Even after the six sessions, maintenance is recommended. This is not to target those same hairs from before – those should be permanently reduced – but to eradicate any newbies that have grown since.The day before each of my sessions, I prepped my body by shaving the areas to be targeted and ensured that my fake tan had been completely exfoliated off. Tip: be sure not to wax or pluck any hairs during the whole course of your treatment as this fully removes the hair follicle and will hinder the removal process. It’s also a no-deodorant zone 24 hours after the treatment to ensure there is no irritation of the skin. Make sure to avoid any sun exposure on treated areas and wear SPF at all times, especially two weeks prior and after each session. It’s also advised that you avoid hot showers for 24 hours – it’s worth it in the long run – and try not to shave the areas for at least a week after each session. After this time, it’s absolutely fine to shave as usual.

While I was happily chatting away with aesthetic therapist Goda, the Soprano Ice Laser set to work. It all began with a cool sensation that gradually warmed as the laser moved along the skin, targeting the hair follicles underneath. Passing light through the skin, the virtually pain-free treatment saw the sensations come rolling in as the laser zoned in on the follicles and sought to effectively destroy the cells so they could no longer produce hair – a thought that I found very reassuring. Leaving the rest of the surrounding tissue untouched, the laser only targets the individual hair follicles themselves. I was told to inform Goda when the heat got to a good seven out of 10 on my personal heat radar, to avoid any burning of the skin – this is something that changes for everyone depending on skin and hair types. As Goda told me, this treatment is incredibly successful at reducing hair growth but it does not stop new hairs from growing; it can be down to various hormone changes such as those experienced during pregnancy. That’s exactly why maintenance sessions are suggested after the treatment – to target the hairs that have since sprouted.

It’s amazing what a difference even one session can make; I had fewer hairs on my stomach and underarms and the fluff-free patches were clearly visible. A few sessions later and my hairs have significantly reduced and my skin is so soft. A great way to remove those unwanted hairs and ensure a confidence boost to boot.

• EF Medispa Bristol, 10A Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1PD; 0117 370 5741; efmedispa.com/bristol