Interview: Bodystreet Clifton

At The Bristol Magazine we were intrigued when we received news of a fitness studio in the city offering exercise with EMS technology (Electric Muscle Stimulation) exclusively in Bristol…

During a Bodystreet workout, EMS sends electronic impulses through the muscles whilst you exercise, meaning that muscles receive more of an intense workout and the benefits of working out are greatly maximized.

A method of exercise that can be completed in as little as 20 minutes time, which promises to be more effective than conventional weight training? We spoke to Andrew at Bodystreet Clifton to find out more…

Can you tell us exactly what a visit to Bodystreet entails?

It entails a 20 minute, static, non-impact workout with a personal trainer that gives the same physical benefits as three or four visits to a gym.  Customers are given their training clothes and towels for the shower, so they can come in before work, during lunch or pop in for 30 minutes during a busy day of rushing around, without having to remember to drag their kit bag around with them all day.  They workout each time with a personal trainer who will push them to achieve their goals, but in a relaxed and friendly environment.

BodystreetBodystreet uses EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology exclusively in Bristol

What made you decide to bring the concept to Bristol?

I had lived in Bristol for eight years in my 30’s and loved the health-conscious vibe. I had been a member of various classes and fitness groups in that time, so knew how fitness-focused the city is.  Plus, while EMS Training is huge across Europe, and Bodystreet is a highly recognisable brand in Germany, it’s a new concept to the UK, so it needed to be in an area where people were more likely to want to give it a go.  And they are doing just that.

Can anyone take part in this type of exercise?

Simple answer – yes.  Our first member on Whiteladies Road was 79 yrs old, and we also have a member with two broken toes.  We always go through a health check, and may at times refer potential members to their GP before we will work them out.  But by and large, yes anyone can take part.

How did you first come to hear of Bodystreet and EMS training?

I worked in financing for existing and new business start-ups for a number of years, partially in the franchise sector.  This was the first business plan I read that made me sit up and think ‘this is for me’.  The look, the feel, and the support system Bodystreet have in place all seemed right  (plus I love to eat, and find it hard to find the time or willpower to get to the gym).

How soon do people typically see results?

Well, I am wearing clothes now that I couldn’t fit into 6 weeks ago when we opened our doors.  We also do a full body scan and analysis every three months, so results can be tracked in the wardrobe and by technical wizardry.

For more information, and to arrange a free taster session, contact:

Bodystreet Clifton, 98 Whiteladies Rd, Bristol, BS8 2QY; 0117 422 8229