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lockdown in pictures

Lockdown: In pictures

Over the 12 weeks of lockdown, Bristol celebrated its NHS heroes, stayed loyal to its local businesses, called for kindness in the community and came together in the face of injustice. Its unique art scene illustrated the city’s journey into a new normal but also an outlook and way of life that continues to make it a lead player on the world stage, helping people explore some of the biggest issues of our time through creativity and communication.

A Call from Home by Amber Phillips; @amberp_illustrator; amberillustrator.com; etsy.com/uk/shop/AmberIllustratorShop

“Being in Isolated I’ve been thinking about how important our phones and devices are at this moment in being in contact with those who we love and care about. This piece is to identify the hard situations that people have had to go through being on the front line.”
Kyle Von Brown; kylevonbrown.com;
Kyle created a limited-affordable run of 20 prints, with all proceeds going towards blacksouthwestnetwork.org/. Now sold out.
Painted by Lanie Rose & Friends; @asablackpersonintheuk; located on Jamaica Street
 “I wanted to create something that highlighted the specific issues black people face here in the UK. It is important for everyone to realise the UK is not innocent and start the work at home. 

“We have created a platform for previously unheard voices. We make street art from the words and experiences of black individuals. By showcasing these words in public, we are both reclaiming these spaces and amplifying underrepresented black voices.

“We need your help in order to keep creating work and continue to spread the message. We are relying on donations to run the organisation and execute the upcoming projects we have planned. 

“This crowd funder is for people that feel able to donate to more than one cause. We understand that this is a difficult time and there are many important organisations and charities supporting black lives. We do not want to divert any donations away from crucial work on the front line in the fight for equality “– gofundme.com/f/asablackpersonintheuk  
National Hero Service by Holy Moly UK; holymolycreative.co.uk
Black Lives Matter protest at Castle Park, 7 June
Community is Kindness by Jack Arts; jackarts.co.uk
A mask was added to Banksy’s artwork on Hanover Place
Spotted on the shopfront of Electric Ladyland