Bristol’s most popular escape room company has opened its larger location in Millennium Square in Bristol.

With a maximum capacity of up to 72 simultaneous players and 12 different rooms over five different themes, Locked In A Room promises the highest level of professional escapism for any sized party.

Participants are locked in a room where they must work together through a series of tests, puzzles and clues in order to unlock the door and escape before the time is up.

Locked In A Room has created identical rooms for the ultimate head to head race for larger teams, as well as individual heavily themed rooms for the smaller parties of families and friends looking to immerse themselves in a new world.

The #2 venue for Fun and Games on TripAdvisor has since moved from College Green to a more accessible location in the heart of Bristol’s harbourside.

Company director Oliver Pfaff said: “We are thrilled to be launching our new venue in Millennium Square and wholeheartedly thank our customers and staff who have supported us this far.

“After being founded and developed in Bristol, the huge creativity resources that our city offers has been invaluable and we couldn’t have produced what we have today without the community. We hope our upgraded venue showcases the level of professionalism we work with and our new location offers the opportunity to drink and dine at some great locations within seconds of our premises.”

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