Mogers Drewett:
Buying and selling homes during COVID-19

Alison Treble, Residential Property Partner, Mogers Drewett

As today sees the housing market in England begin to reopen after seven weeks of lockdown, we need the estimated half a million people who were looking to move prior to the crisis to start making plans again to enable the industry to recover quickly. The following provides guidance on what you need to have in place to be ready to move.

Select your estate agent
Decide on the estate agent you will use. All estate agents are working remotely and able to offer advice on the documents you will need to advertise your property for sale.

Complete maintenance works
Consider whether there are any works you can do, whether minor or major, that may help to make your home more saleable.

Organise required paperwork
Collate the legal documents required to supply your buyer or their solicitor. These may include planning and building regulation consents, guarantees for works that have been carried out, compliance certificates for any boiler replacement or electrical works and a FENSA certificate for any replacement windows or doors.

Select and instruct your solicitor
While some offices may be closed, most solicitors are working remotely and able to prepare initial paperwork in readiness for a sale. A solicitor will be able to check and discuss your legal title and advise on any potential issues. Your solicitor will also be able to supply the standard Property Information and Fittings and Contents forms for completion.

Obtain all relevant paperwork
If selling a leasehold property your solicitor can provide the standard forms you’ll need to complete as well as any additional documents such as copy management accounts, insurance policy, budget and fire risk and asbestos assessments.

Allow time for legal checks
Finally, your solicitor will need to make a number of checks to comply with the current Anti Money Laundering Requirements. This can take a little time, particularly whilst ensuring social distancing rules are observed, but needs to be concluded before your solicitor can begin any legal work.

If you are looking to move and would like to speak to our Residential Property team please call 01225 750 000 or email Good luck with your move.