Kevin Basham

My Bristol: Kevin Basham

This month we catch up with entrepreneur Kevin Basham

Tell us about what you do…

I’m the co-founder of a plastic recycling company called Plastic Expert. We help the waste management sector recycling plastic waste and also work directly with some businesses. Outside of this I’m a business coach and will soon be launching a podcast around the subject of living life as your true self. I’ve not had the most typical route to becoming a businessperson and want to tell my story to help other people.

What brought you to Bristol?

We set up the company in Bristol in 2010 as I was living in Clifton at the time. It’s a great place to start a company especially being the ‘greenest city’ in the UK. My business partner lived in South Gloucestershire and we needed to be closer together.

What projects are you working on?

Apart from projects within my plastic recycling business; I’m launching a new podcast named ‘My No-Filter Life’ which discusses the subject of living life authentically, embracing who you are, whether it be strengths or weaknesses.

What are you reading?

I’m currently reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris but I’ve just finished a book named the The Big Leap which I would highly recommend.

What’s pumping out of your speakers?

Usually a podcast! My two favourites are the Tim Ferris Show and The James Altucher show.     

Which local café/restaurant/watering hole are you enjoying?

The Boston Tea Party is my favourite café ever! They have the most amazing cakes and coffee.

Evening in or evening out?

Most week days; an evening in. I’m an early to bed, early to rise person. Usually I’m up by 6am and in bed by 10pm.

Weekends are much more about going out and socialising.

What hobbies or interests will you be pursuing this month?

I’ve starting boxing training a couple of times per week which is really rewarding both physically and mentally. I’m also experimenting with Tarot and the more spiritual side of my life.

What local event will you be attending?

It’s got to be Grillstock.

Favourite local walk?

Clifton Downs, every time.

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