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New knee specialist at Nuffield

Bringing Expertise from Across the Globe

Knee specialist Damian Clark, 40, has recently joined the 24 strong orthopaedic team at Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital, The Chesterfield. The Bristol knee surgeon specialises in ligament reconstructions, partial and total knee replacement, arthroscopy, osteotomies and patellofemoral surgery.

As a result of experience gained through fellowships in Australia, Canada, India and the UK, he brings a research and evidence based approach to sports injuries and arthritis care. During his training, he has worked with several professional sports teams in both North America and Australia, ranging from Australian rugby players and American Footballers to UK Strongmen and more.

At Nuffield Health, Mr Clark has teamed up with an expert panel of consultant knee surgeons. His NHS post is as a knee and trauma consultant surgeon at Southmead Hospital, where he also trains new surgeons. He has produced multimedia applications for patient education and there is even an app to help patients on their treatment journey through surgery, recovery and rehabilitation. At no additional cost to the patient, the knee specialists work with specialist physiotherapists and the two Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing gyms in Bristol to get people back on their feet faster.

Having attended primary school in Brazil, Damian Clark is also fluent in Portuguese. This was followed by secondary education in the USA and Clifton College Bristol, before medical school at King’s College London. Then he undertook postgraduate training at the University of Calgary, University of Swansea and the University of Bristol. In Canada, he was the most highly awarded fellow of his cohort receiving two fellowship prizes for best surgeon research. In 2013, he was awarded both Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons and the European Fellowship exam.

Damian Clark explains about his specialist clinical knee practice, “I bring a modern approach to orthopaedic surgery. To get the best possible results for my patients here in Bristol, I apply the lessons learned whilst working with world class surgeons and professional athletes across the globe.

I care for those with soft tissue and bone injury, sporting injuries and arthritis. I perform surgery for various knee ligament injuries, including anterior cruciate ligament rupture and various meniscal cartilage injuries. In cases where damage is irreparable, we may undertake partial or total knee replacement surgery. I use only the most reliable implants; those that perform well on the National Joint Registry.”

Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital, 
The Chesterfield, 3 Clifton Hill, Clifton.