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New Launch.
Twenty7 Premium Underwear

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Underwear. Delivered.

Twenty7 Premium Underwear is a new UK men’s luxury underwear brand based near Bristol. Specialising in men’s underwear only, Twenty7 is a brand for men who want to look, and feel, their best. They believe that when a man wants to feel good about stepping out for the day (or night) it should start with the item of clothing worn closest to the body.

Without the distraction of being part of a larger clothing brand, design house or as an addition to women’s underwear, Twenty7 Premium Underwear can focus purely on ensuring that their boxer trunks and socks are exactly what a man wants. With specific design around comfort and style, customers have said they prefer them over ‘big name designer’ brands.

“We believe that a man shouldn’t need to choose between quality, luxury, comfort or style. When it comes to the item of clothing worn next to a man’s most intimate area, it should feel good as well as look good too.”

When a man spends his time getting groomed, showered and man-scaped; spending his hard-earned money on looking and feeling his best with expensive products, clothing and accessories, it should start with great underwear. Whether it be for work, leisure or pleasure, a man’s underwear drawer should contain good boxers and socks.

“Women have a vast array of choice and styles and ask most women and they will often say they have different sets for different occasions – some for ‘best’, some for work, some for special occasions etc etc. Men on the other hand will be a little less concerned about the occasion but should still treat their ‘privates’ with more respect – every pair of boxers should be the best.”

Design & Style

Twenty7 underwear has been designed with the thought of both comfort and style in mind. A 3D pouch for the important bits and the care label removed – often a cause of irritation – choosing to print the care instructions onto the inside of the rear panel instead. Material is 95% cotton and 5% elastane to give enough stretch for a comfortable wear throughout the day but retain shape and support. The slightly wider waist band with front facing only logo gives an understated look. The ‘T7’ model of trunk has its logo in gold on the left thigh to give an additional touch of elegance.

“We’ve kept it simple – you won’t find garish patterns or over the top branding at Twenty7. Professional guys don’t need gimmicks or branding that is ‘in your face’. A man who has genuine style doesn’t need to tell the world he’s wearing a certain brand.

The Twenty7 range of socks follows the same ethos. A range of cotton based socks in stylish, but not over-the-top, stripes that suit both casual and formal wear, along with the classic plain black, give choice for whatever the occasion.

The socks range are sold in trio packs and are available in traditional cotton and bamboo. Bamboo fabric touts more eco benefits by requiring less water to harvest than cotton and doesn’t require re-planting to keep producing. It is also recognised as being more absorbent than cotton – this means less dye for colouring, but also more moisture wicking when being worn.

Bamboo is also anti-allergenic and extremely soft making it a perfect material for socks that are generally worn all day and get the hardest workout out of all clothing items.

On-line Store and Subscription Service

Quite often it is a wife, girlfriend or, in some cases (raised eyebrows here), their mothers (!) that will replace or dictate when a man needs new underwear. Twenty7 Premium Underwear understands that buying underwear isn’t always a man’s most exciting shopping trip so have introduced a subscription service to ensure a man’s underwear drawer contains luxury underwear that always looks its best. Waiting for the ‘favourite pair’ to finally fall apart or the elastic to be, well, not-so-elastic (we’ve all been there), should be a thing of the past.

Twenty7 Premium Underwear offer a traditional online shop to buy underwear as and when you feel you need (or want) them, and monthly subscription packages to suit your needs. The subscription packages offer regular free deliveries of underwear with savings over the ‘buy when you like’ shop pricing. The Platinum packages include free socks too, giving even bigger savings.

All purchases, subscription or shop, are delivered in Twenty7’s luxury & bespoke packaging (and it’s recyclable too) meaning that even if it is a significant other that is doing the buying, it’s a ready-to-give gift.

Find Twenty7 Premium Underwear store at twenty7.uk or follow them on social media.