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Spinal and Back Pain
by Nuffield Health Bristol

This month’s Nuffield Health advice column focusses on back pain, and how to reduce the daily stresses placed on our spines

Back pain in its many forms can strike anyone at any time of life. It could be the result of a slipped disc, rheumatism, repeated minor stresses, bone deterioration or an injury. Whatever the reason, it can bring both discomfort and misery to sufferers, seriously affecting their quality of life

By reducing the stresses and strains on the spine during our daily activities, the risk of developing back pain can be lessened. Constantly be aware of good posture both at home and at work.

Every day back check list:

  • Keep an eye on your posture and ensure your spine is straight.
  • Take time to improve your muscle tone. Set aside a few minutes each day for deliberately tensing your stomach muscles.
  • Maintain your correct weight to avoid unnecessary strain on your joints.
  • Remember to use correct lifting techniques and distribute the weight equally while carrying.
  • Don’t bend when you could kneel or squat and never stoop or bend over for prolonged periods.
  • If you have been bending over or sitting for a long time, gently stretch backwards when you stand up.
  • Good exercises for back and stomach muscles include swimming, walking, cycling and gentle keep fit.
  • Avoid sit ups, double leg lifts and touching toes.
  • Always warm up and stretch before sport, and cool down and stretch afterwards.
  • Remember many spinal problems can be prevented, some can be self-treated but others do need professional help and advice.

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