Sourdough pizza purveyors Franco Manca have collaborated with Devon Distillery and Three Choirs Vineyard to create a one-off grappa-inspired digestif.

An Italian classic with a local twist, its grappa-inspired pomace brandy champions both Franco Manca’s Italian heritage and south west producers – made using carefully selected grape skins from a vineyard in Gloucestershire.

But this isn’t the first time the pizzeria has fused Italian and south-west English influences – in 2008, founder Giuseppe Mascoli visited a small farm in Somerset with Molise artisan cheese maker Albino Scalzitti to start mozzarella production using celebrated west country milk, and he uses same recipe today.

“Grappa is a is a brandy made by re-fermenting the skin pulp after grapes are pressed, and then double distilling it,” he said.

“We have taken the skin pulp from the Three Choirs vineyard and worked with Devon Distillery to make one of the first English grappas. As with all grappas, this will put hairs on your chest and a smile on your face…”

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