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Redmaid’s High: it’s double-pointes for the Hoyle twins

Evelyn and Isla, aged 10 and pupils at Redmaid’s High Junior School in Bristol, have both recently been invited to join The Royal Ballet School’s Junior Associates programme.

Created in 1948, this prestigious Associates programme nurtures young, talented students between the ages of 8 and 17, and will give them the opportunity to dance alongside other gifted children who share their passion for dance.

The girls have been dancing since the age of three and are delighted they have both been selected, so they can continue to practise together. Their mother, Fiona Hoyle said, “The girls are constantly dancing. They don’t walk down the street, they pirouette. She wondered briefly what would happen if they were not both successful. “I did think in the back of my mind that only one of them might make it, but I decided not to worry about that as they both wanted to apply.”

The girls have now started to attend Saturday classes with The Royal Ballet School at a centre in Bristol, alongside their regular ballet lessons. Speaking of their success, Headteacher at Redmaids’ High Junior School, Mrs Lisa Brown said, “It is quite a significant achievement for two sisters to be selected onto the Royal Ballet’s Associates programme. “Both Evelyn and Isla clearly love performing, and we will also give them plenty of opportunity to do so at school over the coming years.”