Review: Coppa Club’s new brunch menu

Words by Daisy Game

Coffee, pancakes – repeat. Coppa Club’s new brunch menu ticks all of the classic boxes, and more.

Crushed Avocado and Buckwheat Pancakes; a Garden Breakfast of grilled halloumi and mushrooms; Shakshuka with baked feta and chorizo – and that’s to name just a few of the options on Coppa Club Clifton’s new brunch menu.

I go for the Crushed Avocado and Eggs on toast – spicing things up a little with the addition of some kiln smoked Severn and Wye Salmon – whilst my companion is kept sweet by Coppa’s Buckwheat and Rye Pancakes, the great, golden stack of which arrives topped with a generous pile of fresh berries and lashings of coconut yoghurt.

We do attempt to wait until our (second) coffee arrives before tucking in – but pancakes and avocado will not be denied. One mouthful in, and I’m a happy camper: eggs are poached to perfection (hitting the correct yolk-runniness-level can be a challenge) and the salmon gently smoked and flaked. I’m assured from across the table – and through mouthfuls of syrup and cake – that any brunch-ers with a sweet tooth will be just as satisfied as those opting for the savoury.

Whether you’re in the market for a boozy moment (there’s a Bloody Baller or a Brunch Martini to that effect) or a more sober (ie. caffeinated) affair, the drinks are also excellent – and very prettily packaged. Coffees come in the kind of mugs one ‘oooh’-s and ‘aaah’-s over in the most stylish of interiors shops; as we leave, I’m restrained by my pancake-pal from slipping a particularly lovely blue-and-white number into my bag. It’s also nice to see a cafetière for two on the menu, in addition to the more typical ‘latte, cappuccino, flat white etc. line-up; I note some lovely, continental-style outdoor seating (complete with cushions), at which one could happily while away a few hours over a pot of coffee.

Inside, the restaurant is kitted out with squashy furnishings and large windows (plus some rather impressive plants), offering plenty of space for leisure and business activities alike. Coppa welcomes remote workers, and I can certainly think of worse places to bring a laptop. It’s light, spacious and comfortable – with a killer menu for when the lunch break rolls around.

Cushions, cafetières and classic brunch options all add to the feeling of a slow morning spent around a friend’s (perfectly presented) kitchen table. There’s no rush at Coppa, making it the perfect brunch destination to kick off a deliciously lazy day. 

Brunch dishes at Coppa Club Clifton Village are served from 9am-3pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. All eggs are free range.

Featured image: the Coppa Club Clifton Village exterior