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EF Medispa

Review: EF Medispa

The Bristol Magazine makes haste to EF Medispa, recently opened on Whiteladies Road and offering a wealth of innovative health and beauty treatments…

With the EF Medispa tagline promising ‘intelligent skincare’, it’s fair to say that when we arrive at aesthetic industry pioneer Esther Fieldgrass’s sleek new Bristol branch, we’re expecting something a little different by way of a rejuvenating health and beauty experience.

EF Medispa seat

Our Louise is drawn to celeb favourite, Drip & Chill, a treatment that promises “immediate energy and a vitality boost” and in which a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients is fed to the body via an (admittedly quite serious looking) intravenous drip. “During the consultation I’m asked what I could do with more of – energy, tranquillity, increased immunity,” she says. “There are so many options and if, like me, your maladies are in the multiples, you can have a bespoke concoction created just for you. Herbal tea in hand, I watch with interest while the nurse sets up the IV and the saline solution to my problems makes its way into my arm. Uncomfortable? Not at all; in fact, the needle is so small I don’t even notice when it’s fitted. After 30 minutes or so, the solution has disappeared and I rise from my recliner, totally ‘chilled’ from the inside out and armed to fight off impending ailments.”

I, meanwhile – sporting some attractive dark circles round my eyes and post-deadline, dull-as-dishwater skin – opt for the Replenish facial, recommended for anyone over the age of 25 concerned with hydration and ageing but not quite ready for advanced technologies like lasers or peels. First, I pop my head into the Observ machine for consultant Francesca to analyse my skin using a series of pictures that are taken of my face. Immediately they appear on Francesca’s iPad; a ‘cross-polarised’ image showing a bit of congestion around my nose, and inflammation under my T-zone; the ‘parallel polarised’ showing any enlarged pores; the UV image identifying pigmentation; and, slightly startlingly, the final image showing a projection of what my skin may look like in 10 years’ time, based on its current condition.

EF Medispa

Francesca passes on her analysis to my therapist Rebecca, who carries out a bespoke facial to address the issues. Using Dermaquest, a ‘cosmeceutical’ range whose minuscule molecules penetrate deeper into the skin, she cleanses and applies a hydrating serum with a super-soothing, undulating massage motion, as well as an antioxidant-rich eye cream imbued with orange stem cells to see to my dark shadows, and an SPF 30 – the one skincare product everyone ought to invest in, I’m told. To finish, I spend 20 minutes under an LED light machine, which has everything from anti-ageing to collagen boosting functions. I bask in its warmth until it’s time to stumble out into the real world; utterly relaxed and looking all the fresher thanks to the beauty intelligentsia at Medispa.

An EF Medispa Dermaquest facial costs £125, while the LED treatment is £150 per session, and an introductory Drip & Chill costs £195; efmedispa.com

* Christmas special offer * Ef Medispa are offering an amazing £200 off select treatments during the festive season, complete with a free bespoke mini facial of your choice! Visit the website to find out more…

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