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arlo and jacob

Style your home with a mix of modern furniture and vintage finds

British furniture makers, Arlo and Jacob, share their expertise on the art of mixing contemporary furniture with vintage accessories and promise to make your home tell a more inspiring story.

Design your living room around meaningful pieces

The new decade has brought with it the desire to curate our homes with more meaning. Homeowners are styling their interiors to tell a story, such as mixing Arlo and Jacob’s Marple sofa from the House and Garden Collection with vintage home accessories.

Arlo and Jacob’s Marple sofa

Combine different eras together for maximum impact

Savvy homeowners are combining items from different eras to craft a living room that feels truly inspiring. Editing bespoke furniture together with eclectic touches is how we leave our personal stamp.

Arlo and Jacob’s Gertrude chair

Invest in quality pieces

Creating an inspiring home means surrounding ourselves with quality pieces we have discovered and invested in. Sourcing furniture that is hand-crafted and made in the UK offers long-term style and meaning, like Arlo and Jacob’s timeless Darcy armchair.

Arlo and Jacob’s Darcy armchair

Layer your interior with an ecclectic mix

Cosy yet layered, it’s hard to resist the allure of a Bristol home that interweaves modern furniture with vintage lamps, mirrors and rugs.

Our homes are slowly evolving into spaces that feel not just cosy and comforting but also inspiring. We love bringing the beauty of the past into the future and in turn, ensuring our future is surrounded by quality and creativity.

Ultimately, curating our homes with modern and vintage is an opportunity to explore new ways to infuse a touch of magic into the everyday.