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tanya's clearing club

Tanya’s Home Clearing Club

Tanya’s Home Clearing Club – a 49-day online programme for women that run their own businesses

Our homes should be a place of sanctuary, calm, and safety. A place of acceptance for who we are and give us a feeling of belonging. When we take control of our environment, we take control of our life. As we travel together homes are cleared, eyes are opened, families become closer, new friends are made and dreams grow even bigger than before.

The clients that took part on Tanya’s Home Clearing Club have found that they are able to reclaim their identities, grow in confidence and set boundaries in work, family life and relationships.

Tanya said: “When you find your voice in your home, you then find your voice in life. It is incredible how much of an impact clearing has on your whole life, your home, finances, relationships, adventure, and health. Clearing can lessen anxiety, combat fear and exhaustion and thoroughly empower busy working mums to make space externally and internally, and ultimately, to thrive.”

The course costs £250, which means for just £5 a day women can invest in themselves, gain clarity, find purpose and truly reclaim their identity.

The course dates are: 2 September, 1 October, 28 October and 26 November.
To make a booking, email: bookings@thegirlwhosimplified.com

Tanya’s story

Born and bred in Frome, Somerset, Tanya Slater discovered a way in which to help people thrive in the recent lockdown of 2020. Well-travelled Tanya who has spent time living in Greece, Ireland, and Australia as well as Somerset has been running her own business for seven years. Tanya works with people individually to help them declutter their homes to enable them to thrive elsewhere in their lives. The Girl Who Simplified is a true labour of love and as a single mum with young sons, the need for her own home and heart to be cleared was born out of a traumatic and painful adolescence, and more recently the ending of a relationship. After clearing all the excess in her life, Tanya was able to tune into her body and reclaim her identity. Becoming evermore curious about this journey, Tanya applied this process to the life coaching tool, The Wheel of Life where she discovered eye-opening results.

Tanya’s work is usually carried out face-to face where she guides her clients through their house decluttering physically and emotionally, however due to the spread of Covid-19 and the lockdown restrictions she was unable to do this. Home-schooling two boys under the age of 10, working on her own business and also running her own home gave Tanya a huge insight to the overwhelm that parents and in particular, Mums, were feeling whilst in lockdown. Tanya came up with the idea of an online 49 day course that would take place over the first two months of the restrictions to declutter, clear and gain clarity , to feel prepared when lockdown eased and to feel anchored with their family. Within 24 hours, Tanya’s Home Clearing Club was full, and she had a waiting list forming.

The clients that took part in Tanya’s Home Clearing Club have found that they are able to reclaim their identities, grow in confidence and set boundaries in work, family life and relationships.

For more details, visit: thegirlwhosimplified.com