The on-demand service TaskRabbit that connects people with skilled, vetted Taskers to handle everyday to-do’s has announced that it has cut its service fee in half and lowered prices to make it easier for more people to ‘do away’ with their to-do lists.

Acquired by IKEA in October 2017, TaskRabbit has continued to grow in fulfilment of its mission to make everyday life easier. Having now expanded to three new cities in the UK – Bristol included – TaskRabbit has recently cut its service fee in half from 30% to 15% with no affect to the Taskers. It has also lowered the price of tasks booked on-demand and allowed customers to hire their preferred Taskers for those tasks.

The ‘Do Away with To-Do’ campaign focusses on how its experienced and vetted Taskers are ready to help people turn ‘to-do’ into done.

“We want even more people to benefit from TaskRabbit,” said Stacy Brown-Philpot, chief executive ffficer. “By cutting our service fee in half and lowering prices, we’re making it easier for more people to tick off those ‘to-do’s’ so they can spend more time doing things they love. At the same time, we’re excited for these changes to drive more business to our Taskers, supporting them as they earn a meaningful living on their own terms.”

With the new pricing updates clients will now save on average £7 to £11 on a typical task, the prices for tasks booked on-demand have now dropped more that 20% and more than 15% of clients used the savings from the service fee reduction to hire a more experienced Tasker for the job.

“As a retired person, TaskRabbit enables me to work when I want and still have plenty of time for my own life,” said Julie McGuinness, a London-area Tasker who works in furniture assembly, garden work and minor home repairs. “The new TaskRabbit service fee of 15% represents excellent value for money for both clients and Taskers.”