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The Downs Preparatory School

Wraxall Bristol, BS48 1PF
Tel: 01275 852008
Website: thedownsschool.co.uk
Email: office@thedownsschool.co.uk

Name of Head: Mrs Deborah Isaachsen BEd Hons MEd

Age of pupils: Reception – Year 8 Number of pupils: 259

School fees (per term): Reception /Year 1 £3,880 Year 2 £4,360 Year 3 £4,780 Preparatory £5,895 Religious denomination: C of E but all demoninations welcome

The curriculum: The Downs is one of the few truly independent 13+ Prep Schools in the South West. The 13+ Common Entrance syllabus is central to the academic curriculum with STEM and Performing Arts new additions to the timetable. In the Pre-Prep, numeracy and literacy are the central focus, with outdoor learning and a topic based curriculum on offer to challenge and engage all pupils.

Extra-curricular activities: The school provides a broad all round education, genuinely inclusive of each child. The standard of all sports is exceptional (six internationals in six different sports in recent years) but there is a team for every child. There is enormous interest and activity in the performing and creative arts: six choirs, 80% play an instrument, 140 attend speech and drama lessons, 9 productions a year, 160 attend dance lessons. There is also an extensive range of clubs, all Prep school children camp every year and regular trips are taken abroad.

Pastoral care: The essence of the school is to really know and understand each of the children – their wellbeing is central to our thoughts. Matrons, tutors, form teachers and pupils themselves play an integral role in the process of providing outstanding pastoral care, supporting each child as they negotiate the inevitable social, emotional and academic challenges associated with modern life.

Outstanding characteristics: Our pupils are outstanding; they are highly motivated and experience considerable all round success. They nevertheless demonstrate humility and unaffected good manners; confidence in contrast to arrogance is applauded at The Downs. The stunning rural estate is unique in the area and essentially used to best effect. The entire community that is The Downs Preparatory School is particularly close and happy in support of one another. Over the last decade almost every child has passed the 13+ entry requirements into the school of their first choice, over 60% with scholarship.

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