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The Fine Artist Shop

When you have spent time carefully choosing and creating an interior environment which you identify with, it is important that your artworks connect with it. This can be achieved through colour, texture, size or theme. Tracey Bowes from The Fine Artist Shop recognises how difficult it can be to find the perfect artwork to suit your chosen interior. So she is there to help. Tracey believes in using traditional and professional painting techniques to create contemporary paintings for your home. Her archival giclée prints can be adapted to colour match your current aesthetic or size requirements. Tracey also provides a commission service to help you decide upon a theme or a technique for your feature pieces. She will then create bespoke artwork that complements your style and communicates to your personal audience.

89 Old Park Road, Clevedon BS21 7HT; 07446 919331; thefineartistshop.com