Gary Keating from ActionCOACH Bristol reflects on the difficulties of focusing on one project at a time

Focus is key at work, yet we are so easily distracted by other minor tasks. Emails, notifications and people asking for a minute of our time constantly interrupt the more important tasks we need to complete. So how do we keep ourselves focused and in turn as productive as we can be?

Picture a Venn diagram, in one circle we have “things we can control” and in the other, we have “things that are important”.

Firstly, let’s think about control. Admittedly, we don’t have influence over all the factors in our businesses and in our lives. Things like people and places can be practically impossible to control however, we should only concentrate on situations in our business where we can change the outcome. Spending endless time trying to change things we have no power over is ultimately a waste of our time. Time that we could instead be spending with the family or enjoying a hobby.

In the second circle, we have “things that are important”. In this circle, we should include what is important to us as business owners. A good way to decide whether something is important is to ask yourself – does it get me to where I need to be? Whether it takes a week, a month or a year as long as it is getting us closer to our goals it is important. If a task is not going to get you to your end goal, whey are you wasting your time on it?

The overlap between the two circles is the key to deciding where we focus our attention and is the part of our business that we should spend our time on. Learning to prioritise your responsibilities and duties in this way will help you to stay on the path to achieving the goals you have set out for your business. Finding your focus can be paramount to you and the success of your business.

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