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The University of Bristol offer pathway courses for mature students

The Department of English offer a range of part-time short courses for adult learners, as well as their part-time BA in English Literature and Community Engagement. Their courses aim to support, inspire, and create new opportunities.

Pathway Courses in English and History at the University of Bristol

Their pathway courses are designed for mature students who are interested in exploring their options for further study.

Reading English Literature

This short pathway course runs across 15 Wednesday evenings, January – May 2021, 6-8:45pm, with breaks for half-term and Easter.

This course is an enjoyable introduction to the study of classic and modern literature for mature students. Share your ideas, explore poetry, gain a greater understanding of Shakespeare, and explore your options for further study.

You will be given support to develop your essay writing skills, and will have full access to the University library, student study centres and student support services.

“The REL course was fantastic, I learned something new each week. I had no real knowledge of English literature however the tutors are so understanding and supportive I needn’t have worried. I loved the course and felt immersed in the University, setting me up perfectly for going on to do the ELCE degree”. (Brian McQuater, current ELCE degree student)

Application deadline: 4 January 2021

No prior qualifications required.

Course fee: £350 – payment can be made in instalments and funding support is available.

Apply now! Visit bristol.ac.uk

Mastering English Literature

This short pathway course runs across 10 Tuesday evenings, February – May 2021, 6-8pm, with breaks for half-term and Easter. Mastering English Literature bridges the gap between undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship. This course is for graduates in any discipline from any university who want to return to study and sharpen their study skills or prepare for Masters study. Guidance will be provided for students who wish to progress to an MA in English.

What their students say:

“I loved the course. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I have not felt intellectually stimulated or engaged for a long time and this course provided that.” (Mastering English Literature student 2019)

“I thought it was absolutely fantastic. It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in years.” (Mastering English Literature student 2019)

Application deadline: 12 noon on 18 December 2020

Course fee: £400. Payments can be made by instalments.

Apply now! Visit bristol.ac.uk

Ways into History

Ways into History is a 15-week short evening course running Wednesdays, January – May, 6-8:45pm, with breaks for half term and Easter. This course will consider the history of slavery, with a particular focus on the city of Bristol and its role in the slave trade. We will consider what exactly slavery is, and how slavery on the West Indian and American Plantations compares to other historic slave systems. We will also look at the broader impact of the slave trade and how it has been remembered in Bristol and elsewhere, thinking about how commemoration has become intertwined with modern day political concerns.

What their students say:

“This excellent course rekindled my love of history and inspired me to seek a place on the MA History programme. Having left school at 17, I am so grateful to the University of Bristol for opening its doors and welcoming me.” (Paul Deal, current MA History student)

“I found the course extremely interesting and good fun. As someone who had failed the 11+ and spent my school days attending ‘bad’ schools it was a great morale booster to find that I was able to find my place in a more academic situation.” (Ways into History student 2019)

Deadline for applications: 11 December 2020
No prior qualifications required.

Course fee: £350 – students on a low income can apply for funding support.

Apply now! Visit bristol.ac.uk