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The unseen Cyber experts protecting your energy supply

Whilst you are reading this article, a complex range of cyber threats from around the world are targeting the UK’s national infrastructure, including energy supply.

Behind the scenes, Cyber experts at Leonardo in Bristol are working 24/7 to protect the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure from cyber attacks. The health of the UK’s energy network is a high priority for the UK Government and electric, nuclear and renewable energy are used to power factories, blue light services and hospitals as well as heat homes, fuel cars, and support industry.

Scott Bartlett, Head of Consulting for the Leonardo Cyber & Security Division said: “We’re only just starting to discover the potential of what 5G technology can achieve across society, whether that be at your local power station, or on your phone. This could cover everything from energy supply, water and defence, to communications and emergency services. All of these elements deliver critical components for the general smooth running of society and have potential application not just in the UK, but all around the world. 5G provides freedom of action, and that freedom needs to be protected.”