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Tockington Manor School and Nursery install the latest in Covid-19 safety

Tockington Manor School and Nursery, near Bristol, have installed a temperature monitoring and access control (TMAC) system to help protect their pupils and staff during the pandemic.

The TMAC system was kindly donated by Dahua Technology UK & Ireland and installed for free by a parent of the school. It is situated at the main entrance of the school providing contactless access control, temperature monitoring and, as all staff and some pupils are required to wear face masks, it also detects anyone not wearing a mask.

Stephen Symonds, Headmaster of Tockington Manor School and Nursery said: “This monitoring system is a fantastic addition to the school and we are incredibly grateful to Mr Goodenough for donating it. The pupils, staff and visitors now routinely have their temperature checked and are automatically reminded to wear a face mask as they enter the main building. We have put many processes in place to help keep our pupils, staff and parents safe and this system offers additional reassurance for all of us.”

Patrick Goodenough, director of Bristol-based security installation company CamEra Group and a parent at the school, installed the TMAC unit free of charge. He said: “The TMAC Solution is a first alert rather than a silver bullet for detecting raised temperatures. It’s a contactless method of controlling access to the school, and gives confidence to teachers, pupils and parents. Being freestanding, it can be moved around to control access to different areas.”

TMAC features a camera combining thermal and optical lenses with temperature and facial recognition technology and a touchscreen display. It is able to detect facial temperatures to an accuracy of +/- 0.3o C in less than a second and can do so even when someone’s face is partially covered, such as with a mask.