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10 brews to try at Bristol Craft Beer Festival

With Bristol Craft Beer Festival taking place from the 14 – 16 September, we thought it only right and proper that fans of a good brew or two go into the weekend fully prepped and ready…

What’s great is that the entry price gets you access to as many beers as you wish – there are no tokens, no additional fees. Just one ticket, one glass and a load of fun that awaits. The crack team of beer experts behind the event kindly pulled together a list of 10 beers to look out for at the festival. Get involved…

  1. Cycle City: Dry & Bitter / Left Handed Giant

When great minds get together, special things often come about and this is exactly what happened when Denmark’s Dry & Bitter joined forces with Bristol’s Left Handed Giant. The two breweries met in St Phillips one August morning, with the goal of creating the second Bristol Craft Beer Festival IPA – and the result is a marvellously fruity, citrusy and enjoyable tipple.

  1. MÆLK Shake: To ØL

To Øl was founded by Tore Gynther eight years ago and they’ve been pushing the boundaries on craft beers ever since. Some are potent and provocative, others fresh and floral. In 2014 To ØL was named the ninth best brewery in the world! Their MÆLK Shake is packed with sweet vanilla and the brewers even tore up an old rum barrel and added its chips into the mix… Because…why not?

  1. Mango Lassi Heathen: Northern Monk

The King in the North! Since the seventh century AD, monks across all of Europe have produced and sold beer. Just like these brewers of old, Leeds’ Northern Monk is committed to the highest quality beers combining traditional monastic values with progressive ingredients and techniques. Their Mango Lassi Heathen is infused with mango and lactose for a smooth, mellow, fruity IPA.

  1. The Devil Made Me Brew It: Arbor

An oatmeal stout with a difference, this amusingly named beverage was made with seven different malt varieties with the addition of Bramling Cross hops during the boil. As if its dark colour and fruity bramling flavours were not enough, the brewers threw in a healthy dose of Bravo, Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops after the fermentation.

  1. Rhubarb: A User’s Guide: Pressure Drop

This groundbreaking beer was created by a team of the country’s best female brewers. Led by Pressure Drop’s Jenn Merrick – former head brewer at Beavertown – this kettle soured beer is packed with Yorkshire Gold rhubarb and hits of lemon thyme and hibiscus, hopped with Huell Melon.

  1. Look Mum I Made a Beer: Electric Bear

Electric Bear is one of Bristol’s hottest up-and-coming breweries and Look Mum I Made a Beer is everything you want in a porter. Robust and jammed full of cookies – yes cookies – this beer elevates itself beyond ordinary stouts with the addition of maple syrup, vanilla and indulgent chocolate and rich, dark malts.

  1. Norwegian Wild: Amundsen

Norwegian brewer Amundsen is one of the most creative and innovative breweries going, with a massively diverse range of beers from hoppy and juicy to dark and heavy. The Norwegian wild berry sour is rather special indeed. According to Amundsen this brew is best paired with a long hike in the Norwegian Mountains, but since that probably isn’t immediately accessible we’d say pair it up with some of Eatchu’s tasty gyozas.

  1. The National: Reality Based Pils: Mikkeller

How many times have you drunk a beer created by one of the best breweries in the world, in collaboration with one of the best bands in the world? This German Pils was brewed by Mikkeller in collaboration with American rockers The National. No fruit, no chocolate, no chilli or coffee… just a straight-up pilsner.

  1. Space Time Stout: Dugges / Wiper & True

Come with us now on a journey through time, space and stout! Earlier this year Wiper & True met up with legendary craft beer outfit Dugge to brew a series of imperial stouts for London, Edinburgh and Bristol Craft Beer Festival. Each stout has its own subtle tweak from the base recipe. The first was infused with vanilla and cacao, the second more cacao, vanilla and tonka beans and the third saw the original beer aged in oak cognac barrels. The best thing: all three will be available at Bristol Craft Beer Festival.

  1. White Ghost Berliner Weisse: Stone Brewing

Stone Brewing is a Stateside legend. One of the largest breweries in all of America, it’s recently expanded into Europe, with a shiny new facility in Berlin. Speaking of dieser stadt, Stone’s citrusy and refreshing Berliner Weisse is a modern take on this true classic. Brewed using the same lactic acid cultures as the Berlin brewers of the 1920s, this bright and tangy beverage is a must-try for all those visiting Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2018.