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Top Tips For Dealing With Hair Loss
Lucinda Ellery client Jacqui after the application of the Intralace System

Top Tips For Dealing With Hair Loss

Lucinda Ellery from the Lucinda Ellery Consultancy shares her top tips for dealing with hair loss

The first piece of advice is not to panic! Hair loss can be caused by a number of things to include hereditary or genetic thinning, hair loss from chemotherapy or Alopecia amongst others. If you are losing hair continuously, contact your GP who can check your thyroid or iron levels. Your doctor may refer you to a consultant dermatologist who may prescribe Minoxidil or Viviscal.

Looking after your health can help, so take vitamins and minerals, eat a healthy diet and get plenty of sleep and rest.

One of the most effective ways to avoid hair loss is to keep a quiet mind, so look at mindful techniques to help  you feel calm and stress free.

There are many ways to dress your hair to help cover up any hair loss – there are some great thickening products on the market to give your hair volume and make it appear thicker, like Nanogen Fibres or Toppik scalp makeup.

You can also try the Lucinda Ellery additional hair services like the Intralace System options or Medi connections (ultra fine hair extensions).

The most important thing is to seek help and not suffer in silence.  There is plenty of help and treatment out there, so the sooner you seek help the less it will affect your everyday life. Our hair can have a huge impact on how we feel so taking control of your hair loss and not allowing it to control you is key.

Top Tips For Dealing With Hair Loss
Lucinda Ellery client Jacqui before application of the Intralace System

Hair Loss Solutions

Hair makeup –  Toppik coloured hair thickener sprayed on to the scalp in between the hair makes a brilliant cover up.

Back Combing – Take the entire length of the hair and starting at the ends, not the root, sweep a bristle back to the scalp and then style with your fingers.

Medi connections – these ultra fine hair extensions can make seemingly fine hair look full and healthy and will last for three months.  They range in price from between £200 and £400 depending on how many are needed.

The Intralace Systems – suitable for Chronic hair thinning or patches of hair loss. This is a hypoallergenic material mesh through which your own hair is retrieved strand by strand and extensions are then added to the mesh allowing your own natural hair to grow freely underneath.  The Intralace gives the client a head of hair that can be worn 24/7 and can be washed and styled like your own  hair.  You can take part in everyday activities like sports and swimming with complete confidence.

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Featured image: Lucinda Ellery client Jacqui with her new Intralace system