Trevor Sorbie: The Kerastraightening Solution

Spending too much morning snooze-time ironing the barnet, when you could be in bed? If it’s time to lay off the GHDs and really tame those unruly curls, head to Trevor Sorbie… Words by Crystal Rose

A self-confessed straightener addict, I find my mop of curls often has a mind of its own and is increasingly hard to manage. Unless I’m on holiday or having a lazy Sunday, my hair needs to be slick, straight and set in place. Facing daily heat damage and frequent colouring to satisfy my blonde ambition, my hair was suffering in more ways than one, so I decided it was time to do something about it.

Walking through the doors of the newest arrival to Queens Road, I’m met with an interior of exposed brick walls chosen to reflect the city’s industrial roots. “We didn’t want to bring London to Bristol, we wanted to embrace the city’s culture and heritage,” salon manager Gerald Smith tells me. Somerset-born Gerald set the wheels in motion for this new location two years ago, after managing Trevor Sorbie salons in London for over seven years, and knowing it would be a great fit here. “I always knew I wanted to come back here; it’s my home,” he says. His life has changed drastically compared with the travel to and from London every day; he now rolls out of his Clifton home and skateboards to work in style. Not bad for a commute, eh?Image by Andy Tyler Photography 

Shown to the outdoor sun-trap at the back of the salon, I’m given glossy mags, the Trevor Sorbie story including the history of the man himself, the science behind a few treatments and an extensive drinks list. A great opportunity for me to read about the Kerastraightening treatment ahead and learn more about the process.

It’s yet to become the in-demand treatment in Bristol but Londoners can’t get enough of the three to four-hour treatment that tames curls and gives damaged hair the recovery it needs. Adding a large dose of protein – mostly keratin and amino acids – to the hair disrupts the natural curl pattern and smoothes, reinforces and straightens the hair without ruining it. With a shelf life of around three months, there should be a reduced need for straightening out those entwined tresses and, in turn, your hair should be happier.

The process begins with a quick consultation by Gerald as he assesses my hair and determines exactly what I need. (He varies the generic matrix of this treatment depending on the result wanted and the hair type of each customer.)

I’m then greeted by Molly, the salon assistant, who gives my hair a quick pre-treatment cleanser shampoo to remove any build-up and open my cuticles. This is an essential part of the process as it prepares the hair follicles. As Molly begins tackling my messy mane, she eases each knot and assures me that subsequently my hair will be a lot more manageable and frizz-free; music to my ears! My hair spritzed, Gerald sets to work meticulously applying the serum all over. With no breakage involved, the Kerastraightening solution adds to what you have and re-aligns your cuticles to sit alongside each other, making them lose their velcro-like element which can often leave your hair in a matted mess. A stylish plastic hood – Dot Cotton, eat your heart out – is then applied to keep the moisture in, followed by a 45-minute interval.

Throughout my visit the drinks come rolling in. From an expertly made latte to a T2 pomegranate iced tea, there’s a wealth of beverages on tap – refreshing compared with the usual one-drink policy in most places.Plastic cap off, the serum is washed off and a low pH conditioning mask applied, followed by a beautiful express head-and-neck massage.

My hair blow-dried, Gerald sets to work with the final stage of the treatment. As he begins ironing my hair, he informs me that the key part of this is how many times the hair passes through the irons. Referred to by experts as the ‘popcorn effect’, this part enables the protein molecules to puff up and lock into the hair.

All ironed out, I’m more than ready to let the fuss-free hair commence. Looking in the mirror at my glossy mane, it’s hard to believe the difference already. That shine, not to mention the silky texture.

The result, a week on? My hair is still beautifully soft and knot-free. A brush glides through it, my frizzy bits have completely gone and, with a quicker drying time, my need to pick up my much-loved straighteners has also reduced significantly. This treatment has transformed my hair and has given me the locks that I’ve always wished for – without the extreme heat damage.

It’s such a common thing for curly haired folk to want a seriously straight barnet and vise versa. And with the Kerastraightening solution, and a pair of expertly trained hands, I’ve achieved what I’ve always wanted and gained back the time spent ironing out those unwanted kinks each morning.

• The Kerastraight Style Solution costs £235 at Trevor Sorbie, 65 Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1QL; 0117 363 4185;