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Tutor Doctor: where to begin

So, you’ve decided to get tutoring support for your child, but where do you begin and how much should you expect to pay? Sifting through the various options available to try and find the best fit tutor for your child can take a lot of effort, and be a huge point of stress. Tutor Doctor Director and Education Consultant, Rachael Tan, demystifies the process for you. Sharing her guiding principles on how Tutor Doctor finds the magical match between students and tutors from our team, she condenses her expertise into five key considerations. 

Start with why

We find that the best tutors have an intrinsic motivation to help others learn, and they enjoy seeing their students achieve a ‘lightbulb’ moment. They act as both life skills mentors, coaches, and academic tutors to their individual tutees. They pair their subject expertise with their experience in guiding roles. As you review their CV, pay attention to whether they have taken on previous responsibilities, either in a personal or a professional capacity, which required them to perform in a pastoral role. 

Subject matter knowledge

Do they have subject matter knowledge? Look at their previous GCSE and A-Level results in similar subjects. Also looks to see whether they are pursuing degree level study in the subject. Explore their past tutoring experience, if they have any, and look to the students they have taught in the past. 

To gauge their current subject matter expertise, suggest they do a short, 10–15-minute presentation to you beforehand, to see how they communicate their knowledge, and engage with you.


One of the most important things to consider when looking for tuition support, is the way in which the safety of your child is ensured. All tutors should have undergone an enhanced DBS check. Typically, individuals can only obtain one of these through an organisation, like an agency, however, private tutors should be able to apply for one through the Tutors’ Association too. An enhanced DBS check makes sure that tutors have a clean criminal record, and are not on a list of individuals barred from working with children. 

This applies for both in-person and online lessons. Tutor Doctor goes the extra mile to ensure all possible safeguarding measures are in place, as the safety of tutees is something we take seriously. Working with Tutor Doctor, you can put fear, uncertainty, and doubt aside. Every tutor who works with us is someone who you can trust to welcome into your home, with all necessary background checks undertaken by us. 


Tutors may go on holiday, or have other commitments. We know that tutoring is the most effective when the sessions happen on a regular and consistent basis, over a long period of time. Can the tutor you just hired commit to the schedule required to properly support your child?

Look out for holidays, ongoing commitments, and for students, demanding exam periods which may clash with the exact time when they need support the most. 

For in-person lessons, how far is the distance between you and your tutor? Talk about minimising the environmental impact of tutor travel, and know that the tutoring engagement is more likely to be sustainable for the tutor if they don’t have to travel long distances.

Soft skills

Can the tutor explain something consistently and repeatedly until a student grasps the concept? 

Some of the key qualities we look for in tutors are: patience, adaptability, and mentorship ability. Also look to whether tutors and tutees share similar values and interests. Building a good tutor/tutee relationship is easier if there is a personality fit between the individuals. Having common interests will ultimately lead to a better learning experience for the tutee, as activities can be built around these interests. 

One-to-one and small group tutoring is proven to be extremely rewarding for both tutors and tutees alike. Most tutors love helping students achieve breakthroughs in their learning, becoming more independent and confident in their own abilities. Students benefit greatly from receiving academic support, life skills mentorship, and career guidance. 

If you’d like to take the stress of finding the right tutor away from yourself and let Tutor Doctor deal with it for you, making sure you have the best-suited tutor for your child, then contact Rachael to discuss further on

Tel: 0117 325 3698
Email: rtan@tutordoctor.co.uk

Web: tutordoctor.co.uk