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Weezy: quality groceries
delivered in minutes

Weezy is the UK’s first and leading on-demand supermarket and the pioneer of ‘last-mile logistics,’ delivering high-quality groceries to, wherever you are, in a matter of minutes.

Products range from fresh produce, cupboard staples, pharmacy items, cleaning products, alcohol and more, with over 2,000 separate product lines stocked. As well as working with wholesalers, Weezy sources groceries from independent bakers, butchers and markets, attracting customers with its fresh, localised offerings. Fresh fruit and vegetables account for the most popular categories.

Weezy customer delivery representatives stock, pack and deliver the groceries within minutes of customers placing an order, and only deliver on bicycles or electric mopeds.

Orders can be placed between 8am and midnight and Weezy is sustainably-minded from delivery right through to packaging.

Enjoy 50% off your first Weezy order! Simply enter BRISTOLMAG at checkout (max discount £25 expires 31/08/21).

Current Locations:

London, Manchester, Salford, Brighton, Hove, Bristol

Weezy’s pillars:

Superior products, service, speed, surprise, simplification and sustainability.

Weezy’s people make it different:

Great service starts from within. By hiring the right people, paying them by the hour (not per trip) and making them an integral part of the company, they will ensure that their customers get a great service from day one.

Quality matters:

Give the people what they want. Great quality products and brands. That’s why they stock the best, from their fruit and veg to their meat and dairy, to the brands they know their people know and love. Always stocking fresh local products and curating the right brands.

On a mission to change the way the world shops:

Pioneering first mile logistics to redefine the way they get our groceries.

Convenience just got more convenient:

At Weezy, they believe there’s a better way to shop. One that allows you to live life your way and on your terms. So break free from the shopping list. Kick back and do you. All in the comfort of knowing that Weezy has got you covered.


● Weezy delivers high-quality groceries in a matter of minutes.


● Weezy is bringing back the heyday of the milkman and building relationships with customers.
● Weezy works with what3words to deliver to wherever you are – at home, a friend’s house, the park or even the beach.


● Weezy has its own fulfilment centres – what you see is what’s available.
● Weezy works with what3words to deliver your groceries.
● Weezy’s app is simple to use.
● Weezy has curated 2000+ high-quality products.
● Weezy cuts out the supermarket.
● Customers can order Weezy deliveries between 8am and midnight.


● Weezy focuses on sustainability – reducing fresh food wastage and packaging, and promoting healthier, greener lifestyles and safety on electric bikes.
● Weezy customer delivery representatives are not gig workers and are employed on a shift basis, with paid holidays, pensions and opportunities for career advancement.
● Everyone at Weezy has worked as a customer delivery representative, even the CEO & COO.
● Weezy works to become a part of communities and helps customers support their local high street.