Gary Keating from ActionCOACH Bristol reveals how his 1-on-1 coaching programmes can help clients through difficult times

Are you okay? I’m asking this because I know the reality of the situation is that a lot of us aren’t. Starting a business means taking on a whole new range of responsibilities that will, in turn, produce a new list of problems. At a certain point, we lose focus or ambition. But the worst thing we can lose is hope. I’m talking in very plain terms here about depression.

Depression is a largely silent problem, at least to those on the outside. Much in part to the shame that sufferers feel and a reluctance to bring it to the forefront. We are quick to class ourselves as failures. Instead of telling yourself ‘I failed’, try to look at it from a different perspective. After all, if you haven’t tried then you miss the opportunity to learn.

Many of my clients have faced stress and anxiety as a result of running a business with a lack of knowledge. I have worked with Jake Voelcker of Bristol Bicycles for several years now. Before working with me, Jake struggled with the pressure of running his business alone. Finding himself “bogged down in hundreds of tiny details”, Jake turned to ActionCOACH. Through our 1-on-1 coaching programmes, Jake found a “new perspective” allowing him to see the “long-term and the big picture”.

When I asked Jake what he would say to business owners facing similar struggles, he stressed the importance of getting some external help. All too often, we are afraid to ask for help. Here at ActionCOACH, we have helped so many of our clients see the forest from the trees. As someone who has struggled with depression and has stared failure in the face, I know what it takes to run a business. There is another cost to running a business that we try not to face, but truthfully we must not ignore it.

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