Staple Somerset family attraction Wookey Hole has launched a new ‘Wild Wookey’ caving course, complete with abseiling, and it’s not for the faint hearted…

This Spring 2017, intrepid explorers will be able to enter the 50,000 year old Wookey Hole caves for a truly unique experience, crawling, climbing and abseiling their way around the labyrinth cave systems, navigating the tranquil River Axe and feeling their way through the darkness.

Wild Wookey

Image © Christopher Binding / Wookey Hole Ltd. 2017

Earlier this week, we at The Bristol Magazine rolled up our sleeves and donned hats, harnesses and overalls before checking out the subterranean landscape for ourselves.

On arrival, highly trained caver Chris and his enthusiastic apprentice Becca were quick to quell our nerves, explaining safety procedures and climbing techniques before leading us through the fairly claustrophobic initial tunnel.

Once inside we soon settled in to life underground, scaling the ropes, raised walkways and rock faces whilst soaking up our impressive surroundings.

Challenges along the way included navigating with glow sticks, abseiling 30ft down to the river and clambering across deep, murky waters – all accompanied by atmospheric tales of human sacrifice, facts about the origins of the caves and plenty of jovial banter from our guides.

Wild Wookey

Traversing the waters, image © Mark Burkey

If you’re looking for a graceful, relaxing day out, think again: Wild Wookey is energetic, captivating and totally unlike anything we’ve done before. We reckon it’ll be a hit with thrill-seeking youngsters – and for those less keen, Wookey Hole features a range of indoor and outdoor attractions, including a 4D cinema experience, mirror maze, penny arcade, soft play area, and the original cave tours.

The Wild Wookey caving experience is £49.99 per person. The minimum age is 14 and maximum group size is seven. All adventurers must be a minimum height of 153 cm (five feet) and maximum of 198 cm (six feet, six inches). All equipment is included – visitors are required to wear comfortable clothing and sturdy walking boots or wellington boots. Wild Wookey is no walk in the park, so best suited to those with reasonable upper body strength and a general level of fitness.

Visit: to find out more and book your place