91 Ways: Supporting Bristol’s communities

Bristol-based charity, 91 Ways to Build a Global City, is a community-focused social enterprise named after the 91 languages spoken in the city. At the core of everything it does is its belief in the connecting power of food and community. The charity’s aim is to build common ground between communities through encouraging people to share their personal food journeys, recipes, and passions. The team believes this will help to bridge the gaps between Bristol’s 91 language communities and through sharing food, will help people to make better decisions about their nutrition and well-being, so that they can improve the health and sustainability of themselves, their families, and our city.

As winter approaches, 91 Ways is planning to help families across Bristol through the economic emergency through cooking lessons, explaining low-fuel methods to cook at home as well as providing healthy nutritious food for families to cook together and to take away. The project will teach attendees how to use slow cookers before gifting them for free and supplying food boxes, spice kits and fuel vouchers. Ensuring culturally appropriate nutritious food reaches all communities, the charity has plans to create safe spaces for Afghani women asylum seekers who are installed in hostels to cook the dishes from their heritage and eat together.

In order to support families across the city, however, 91 Ways needs your help. The charity is selling founder Kalpna Woolf’s latest book, Eat, Share, Love – a unique collection of 91 beautiful recipes and the compelling personal stories behind them from our communities– to help fund their work. Each book will be gift wrapped using recycled paper and a beautiful Indian ribbon and sent to your chosen person.

Support 91 Ways and Bristol’s communities if you can and buy Eat, Share, Love (£20) at: 91ways.org/shop 

Main image credit: Ollie Durie