Habits That Heal

It is easy to believe that we can access all the solutions we need when it comes to our health, and we can. There are myriads of any health and weight solutions you can imagine under the sun. This column is not about information, rather a way to remind you to be aware of your body’s natural healing powers that you can enhance daily and keep at it on the go!

How? Well, let’s figure out what stands in the way of our ‘better health’, could the problem be that we tend to focus on: New information, and we have an overflow of it. We’re bombarded with new diets, pills, facts, figures and data…nothing is wrong with that as such however, we’re missing the point of what our body really needs from us and what it craves Here are my five categories: Movement, positive energy, sufficient oxygen, good hydration and a healthy digestion, in order to keep us alive and healthy.

To fight chronic inflammation in the body daily, and avoid an ‘internal farming’ of carcinogens present in the environment we live in, we basically cannot afford to wait to be ill to pay attention to what the body tries to tell us every time we have the itchy throat, uncomfortable pinch or feel slightly dizzy. The solution: Consciously create an environment that strengthens your body’s self-healing pre-set functioning mechanism. DAILY.

That’s where the holistic African dance whole approach comes in handy, a simple and effective way to look after your mental and physical health while having fun.

This column’s aim is to give you tips and hacks on how to leverage on a positive mindset, overdose on oxygen, find fun ways to enjoy water intake throughout the day and guide you through movement & good digestion secrets. Your body will reward you for doing these things. I know because I’ve been a grateful recipient for the past 7 years. Let’s Go!