Tockington Manor School joins the Clifton College Education Group

The Clifton College Education Group is proud to announce the welcoming of Tockington Manor School. This is a significant milestone for the continued success of both highly respected and successful educational establishments. Whilst the individuality of the schools will continue to be celebrated, their coming together brings strength, stability and opportunity.

In a joint statement Mr Stephen Symonds, Head of Tockington Manor and Dr Tim Greene, Head of Clifton College said: “Clifton and Tockington have been linked for generations: as Bristol based schools; as match day opponents; as a Senior School destination; as classroom pen pals; as charity fundraisers; as supporters of the Arts; and in our shared approach to the educational and pastoral care of our pupils. This is the next step in a shared mission to provide an outstanding education to our pupils; support them to develop their talents; provide extracurricular opportunities so they can make the most of every moment; and prepare every pupil for the rapidly changing modern world.”

Mr Stephen Symonds, Head of Tockington Manor said “We have never been in a stronger position, thanks to solid leadership and good governance. Since 2013, Tockington Manor School has seen growth of over 80%, giving pupils access to better facilities and more opportunities whilst retaining our small class sizes and family feel. Joining the CCEG is a great opportunity for the school, colleagues, pupils and parents to benefit from collaborative expertise, enhanced facilities and financial strength for the future.”

Dr Tim Greene, Head of Clifton College said “The Clifton College Education Group strategy is to ensure that our offering is world-leading, relevant and future-facing. We aim to deliver this by growing our Education Group to reach more young people here and internationally because we believe that our education is the best preparation for the modern world. We are delighted that Tockington Manor will be together with us on this journey and we look forward to our all benefiting from the growing expertise, facilities and resources of the Clifton College Education Group.”

The journey to this announcement began in 2021 where Clifton and Tockington recognised the tremendous opportunities for both schools mutually to benefit from the expertise, facilities and support brought by coming together. Many discussions have taken place since those early days and they are very grateful for all the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes to get them to this exciting announcement today.

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