Wedding ceremony in the garden for the bride and groom. The arch is made of fresh flowers and dead wood, reeds. Outdoor wedding ceremony. High quality photo

Knots & Stalks

Elevate your wedding with an exquisite macramé arch, blending timeless elegance with bohemian charm. Crafted with intricate knots using recycled cotton, these arches add a touch of artistry and romance to your special day. They effortlessly complement any venue, from rustic barns to beachfront ceremonies, creating a picturesque backdrop for your vows. Looking for a unique pre-wedding celebration? Dive into the world of macramé with Knots & Stalks’ hen workshops! Gather your bridesmaids for a fun and creative experience, where you’ll learn the art of knotting and weave your own macramé masterpieces to cherish forever.

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