Bristol Car Consultant

Looking to buy a new car or sell your current one? Owner of Bristol Car Consultant, Duncan Wood, is here to help…

Duncan Wood, a local independent car specialist, has been running Bristol Car Consultant for over eight years, helping his clients save both time and money and reducing the associated risks when buying or selling a car.

Whether it be securing a safe, reliable vehicle that is cheap to insure for a first-time driver, searching for a sports car to a certain specification, hunting for an estate car with must-have options within a challenging budget, or helping to release significant funds through selling a nearly new car, Duncan has the experience and expertise to do it efficiently and effectively.

Boasting an impressive portfolio of successful projects with testimonials to match, Duncan is passionate about motoring, finding his clients the best car for the required purpose at the best possible price. Here, Duncan offers insight and advice into the current market…

Are you looking to sell your car? Used cars are in high demand!

Used cars remain in high demand in the motoring trade due to the ongoing supply chain issue relating to key parts, meaning that new cars are taking longer to be made. Duncan suggests using this to your advantage, particularly now to ease your day-to-day finances during the ongoing cost of living crisis. For example, he recently helped a client sell a nearly new car for only slightly less than the price they paid for it and buy a slightly older car that met their motoring needs better, earning them nearly £10,000.

Are you currently driving a leased car? You could be sitting on a decent profit!

With the value of second-hand cars currently sky high, Duncan believes that customers should consider their end of lease options carefully. “The default position for many is to simply move on to the next lease. If this is you, you need to be aware of the true value of the vehicle,” says Duncan. “Many policies will allow you to keep the car at the end of the lease if you pay a pre-agreed sum. This amount may well be less than your lease car’s now inflated value.” With that said, it’s important to consider whether to buy your leased car and sell it at a decent profit, or use the equity to negotiate hard on the next lease contract. For example, in September, Duncan helped a client to buy the car at the end of their lease and then sell it a week later at a profit of nearly £5,000.

Is an electric car as cheap to run as you thought?

According to Which? News, the energy price cap adds £165 to charging an electric car. If you are thinking of changing to an electric vehicle next, Duncan’s advice is worth considering. Focusing primarily on the running costs rather than the benefits of electric vehicles, such as tax incentives for business users or how clean an electric vehicle is in terms of lack of emissions in our communities, Duncan says: “The rise in electricity prices mean that electric cars may not be as cheap to charge as you think and, in some cases, they can be more expensive to ‘fuel’ than their internal combustion-engine equivalent.”

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