Business sales with no monkey business

Business Monkey strives to facilitate successful business transactions for its clients through its brokerage services. It believes in providing the highest quality of service, reliable advice, and a dedication to achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. Its goal is to provide its clients with the resources and guidance needed to make sound business decisions, and to ensure a smooth and successful transition through the business brokerage process.

Working in the Bristol, Gloucester and South Wales region, Kevin Hammon has over 30 years of business ownership experience in the sport, entertainment and construction industries. During this time, he managed, grew and sold six businesses in Johannesburg. These ventures have given him first hand entrepreneurial, management and marketing proficiency, which has enriched his understanding of these fields. Kevin believes this will facilitate him to identify and market various businesses accordingly.

He has a keen eye for business in general, and keeps up to date with current business trends. Kevin’s key asset is building good relationships with his clients.

He is an avid sports lover, a passionate golfer and enjoys travel. Attending major sporting events with friends is something that inspires and motivates him. Kevin and his family have recently made Bristol their home and are looking forward to many new adventures.

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