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Clifton College Preparatory School

Clifton College Preparatory School, The Avenue, Bristol, BS8 3HE
Tel: 0117 315 7502
Website: cliftoncollege.com
Email: prepadmissions@cliftoncollege.com

Name of Head Master: Mr Jim Walton

Age of pupils: 8 – 13 years

Number of pupils: 262

School fees: Years 4-6: Boarders £8,635; Flexi Boarders (3 nights) £5,820; Day Pupils £4,725. Years 7-8: Boarders £10,230; Flexi Boarders (4 nights) £7,345; Day Pupils £6,200.

Religious denomination: Christian foundation, welcoming all faiths. The College has a beautiful Grade II listed chapel and its own synagogue on-site.

The curriculum: Clifton College offers a stimulating and challenging curriculum, which combines traditional methods with programmes of study relevant to the needs of the next century.

Aiming to provide the highest possible standard of education, and to help pupils develop the key skills of literacy and numeracy, as well as observation, information-seeking, posing questions and problem-solving. Developing pupils’ ability to co-operate and work productively with others, as well as to work and learn independently.

Extra-curricular activities: Parents who choose Clifton College for their children can feel safe in the knowledge that their child will be nurtured outside the classroom as much as they will be inside the classroom. Excellent co-curricular activities encourage pupils to try something new and engage with the world around them, thereby boosting their confidence and self-esteem, helping pupils fulfil their potential and become an interesting and interested adult.

All co-curricular activities benefit from first-class facilities, excellent tuition and supervision. These additional pursuits encourage the development of the whole child, and help pupils become well-rounded individuals who are both interesting and interested.

Activities on offer are fun and enjoyable, to help pupils make the most of their school days. All pupils are strongly encouraged to participate fully in the wide range of optional activities. The range of opportunities is such that every pupil can find his or her niche and develop interests and talents beyond the purely academic.

Pastoral care: The College believes that everyone’s potential is important, and the Preparatory School aims to provide each child with the right environment in which to succeed. Helping pupils to discover and develop their interests and talents, with the belief that the right mix of opportunity, challenge and support allows children to flourish.

Strong pastoral care is a great asset in securing a pupil’s happiness, and with a strong sense of community and belonging, pupils gain an enormous amount from the Clifton House system.

Outstanding characteristics: Enabling, empowering and supporting pupils to aim high and stay grounded. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach at The Preparatory School, spanning Years 4–8. The youngest boys and girls (aged 2–8) learn next door at the Pre-Preparatory School, under the care of their own teachers. Each child is considered and treated as an individual with a unique profile of skills, passions, talents and undiscovered potential. The core values of the College remain unchanged since it first welcomed pupils in 1862: intellectual agility, a capacity for boldness, social confidence, a sense of fun, and strength and decency of character. Today the college continues to offer a tailored education for each child, delivered through exceptional pastoral care, inspirational teaching, diverse co-curricular activities and excellent facilities. Clifton pupils excel at a wide range of subjects, including the arts and sport.