EthicaCBD: hit aches and pains for six­­­­­­­­

Within 3 weeks of using the soothing gel, Ian was back walking around Sunningdale golf course and in September 2022 he returned to competitive golfing, playing 3 rounds at the Dunhill Links. Prior to receiving the Gel, Sir Ian had not walked a course for over 2 years.

“This magical stuff should be called a Mobility Gel, rather than a Sports Gel.”

EthicaCBD is a Cornish brand, based in the seaside town, Bude. Chatting with Sean Jack at HPT Sports in Bude, who is seeing the benefits of the Sports Gel as both a stockist and a consumer, he shared that he thought the product should be called something else other than a ‘Sports Gel’, because it’s helping a wide variety of customers with their aches and pains – not just sporty types. Sean personally uses the Gel in the mornings to help with the crooked neck he wakes up with, and his best customer is in fact his mum, who’s seeing notable daily benefits using the gel on her joints. More locally however, one of their Bristol stockists, Jack the Falafel (Gloucester Road) shared their thoughts on the topical CBD gel.

“It definitely works. My wife and I have been using this Sports Gel since before we stocked it, and found that it really helps with any soreness in the muscles and joints. Since taking on the product in our cafe/store on Gloucester Road, we’ve heard various customers reporting pretty incredible results. One of my favourite examples:

I saw a customer sitting for coffee with a tube of Voltarol on the table. I opened up a fresh tube of the EthicaCBD Sports Gel and said ‘try this’… I was confident he would notice a difference. He went to the bathroom to rub some onto his lower back, then returned to finish his coffee. Before he left the shop, he gave the tube of Voltarol to his son and bought himself 2 tubes of the gel. It really does work, and people can feel it.”

Wild Oats, the oldest health store in Bristol is also stocking this game-changing formula:

“We have some older customers who use the product for general aches and pains. There was a lady who tried the tester in store for a trapped nerve in her shoulder and found almost instant relief. She felt more open in that shoulder after. The store manager who does powerlifting has used it after the gym and enjoys the refreshing scent and soothing quality. I have used it on my abdomen for cramping and it feels really refreshing and cooling, eases pain to give some relief.”

Following glowing reviews from a spectrum of customers, and after receiving compelling testimonials from Ian Botham and other sporting icons like Nigel Owens and Matt Le Tissier, it’s become clear that EthicaCBD underestimated how powerful this formula would be for helping 50+ individuals improve their mobility. It’s so much more than a sports gel, and as Ian quite rightly says, “People should use it. If they need it, use it.” After all, aches and pains certainly don’t discriminate.

EthicaCBD spent 2 years developing this complex formula, hoping to find the perfect way to combine CBD & CBG with loads of naturally therapeutic botanicals. Based on the response they’re having from people of all walks of life, it looks like they might’ve found that perfect recipe.

“Sometimes you can do all the talking in the world, but when it comes down to it, it’s gotta work… and this really works” Sir Ian Botham

Who are EthicaCBD?

EthicaCBD are very much a local south-west brand, who do everything they can to support the south-west, so it’s a delight to see these guys making a global impact, even earning a win at the World CBD Awards for their cosmetic products. Since officially cementing their position as world-leaders in cosmetic CBD products such as their CBD Sports Gel, they’ve received glowing endorsements from sporting icons such as:

Sir Ian Botham (‘England’s Best Ever All-Rounder’)
Nigel Owens (Rugby Union Refereeing Legend)
Matt Le Tissier (100 Premier League Goals)

As the name says, EthicaCBD have gone to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of their business is as ethical as possible. They’re known for creating “the highest quality ethical CBD for people & planet”, so every decision they make holds customer wellbeing and environmental protection as a priority.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit or pop in to see one of their Bristol Stockists: Wild Oats – Redland | Jack The Falafel – Gloucester Road