Thinking of leaving a gift to charity in your Will?

By Richard Higgs, Chartered Independent Financial Planner

There are plenty of good reasons to think about leaving a gift to charity in your plans. Not only does it support a great cause but it can also help ease the burden of inheritance tax.

When you decide to leave something to a charity in your will your gift can either:

  • Be subtracted from the overall value of your estate before inheritance tax is calculated
  • Reduce your inheritance tax rate if at least 10% of your estate goes to charity.

You have choices when it comes to what you give – a set amount, specific items, or what’s left after other gifts are taken care of. When allocating 10% or more of your estate to one o r more charities, the inheritance tax rate on the amount above certain thresholds reduces from 40% to 36%.

It’s a good idea to check if a charity is registered with the Charity Commission to make sure it’s a trustworthy organisation. However, even if they’re not registered, you can still utilise inheritance tax benefits if they qualify as a charity under the Charities Act e.g. a local football club.

Keep in mind that if you specify donating a fixed amount to a charity, inflation might change its value significantly. Similarly, a percentage-based donation could end up being more or less than you intended if your estate’s value goes up or down a lot.

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