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Bond Morgan England: Green Product Award Finalist

Bond Morgan designs for change, with sustainability and environmental impact as the main objective. The sustainable fashion brand combines pioneering alternative materials for a circular economy and multifunctional design to create a bag for mutable environments.

Bond Morgan England, an ethical fashion brand based in Bristol, has been making strides into the sustainable textile industry with their Mutatio Collection. Showcasing designer Bond Morgan’s passion for creating a sustainable, ethical, and transparent fashion economy, the Mutatio bag meets all the criteria. With an emphasis on creating products that are not only durable but multipurpose, Bond Morgan is delivering a product that encourages a change in the way we consume fashion. Buying fashion sustainably is one of the many ways that people can make a real change in the fight against climate change.

Bond Morgan sources the highest possible quality of environmentally friendly materials to manufacture their products, whether this be materials that can be recycled repeatedly or materials that cut out toxic production practices that pollute our atmosphere. By investing in high quality clothes and accessories that can be worn time and time again in multiple ways, we can help cut out the throw-away culture of cheap, disposable products.

Bond Morgan’s work has featured in Vogue and Harpers Bazar, and was recognised as a finalist in the International Green Product Award 2021.

Company Values
Bond Morgan England’s foundations lay in the company’s core beliefs. Built on compassion, the Mutatio collection cuts out all animal products, using only plant based, regenerated, or recycled materials. Salvaged industrial and commercial waste products are regenerated into materials that compose the Mutatio bag. Being an ethical company, Bond Morgan ensures that customer investment goes towards supporting manufacturers and suppliers that share the common values of fair working conditions and job creation in local communities. Designer-to-customer transparency is key to this, and the Bond Morgan brand is proud to  showcase their suppliers, their supply chain policies and the environmental and social impact involved in their product production.

Above: the Mutatio Black
Below: the Mutatio Khaki

You are paying for quality design and ethical and sustainable reassurance. Furthermore, there is a responsibility for a sustainable brand to ensure that they not only create positive change but also inspire others to strive towards this; Bond Morgan supports One Tree Planted, with a percentage of all profits donated to the environmental charity.

Key to Bond Morgan’s efforts towards waste reduction in the fashion industry is the development of multi-purpose design. The Mutatio bag is a transformable bag allowing the user to alternate between seven styles of wear. The unisex bag – which comes in black regenerated nylon, black plant-based leather and khaki regenerated nylon – can function as a tote bag, shoulder bag, satchel, two sizes of handbag and two sizes of backpack. Featuring a cleverly designed interior with purpose build space for passport storage, keychains and laptops, the bag embraces multifunctionality. By combining seven bags in one, the Mutatio removes the need to purchase multiple bags. By cutting back the need for production and thus the pollution that comes with it, a burden will be taken off the environment.

Creating multi-purpose fashion is only half the battle. To ensure true sustainability the materials used in the manufacturing process must be environmentally friendly. The Bond Morgan Mutatio Collection bags are solely comprised of sustainable and ethical materials. The leather industry is one of the worst for pollution when you consider the Co2 emissions from rearing cattle, the destruction of rainforests to create areas for cattle to roam and the use of over 250 chemicals involved in the process of tanning leather. Not to mention the ethical issues surrounding the slaughter of animals to produce leather.

Traditional ‘faux-leather’ products made from plastic are not a viable alternative. Most of this alternative leather is made from non-disposable plastic which takes years to biodegrade and can cause micro-plastic pollution in our oceans. Therefore, the need for a viable, eco-friendly alternative leather is a must for any sustainable designer.

Bond Morgan bags use two types of plant-based leather in their bags. The first is Piñatex®, which is manufactured from pineapple leaves left surplus from pineapple cultivation. Not only is this leather made from completely biodegradable plant matter, but it is also making use of an otherwise wasted by-product. The second plant-based leather used by Bond Morgan is Desserto®, made from the nopal cactus plant in Mexico. Grown only using rainwater, removing the need for irrigation systems, and then naturally dried in the sun, the product is a great sustainable option.

Aside from leather the Mutatio bags are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon, an infinitely recyclable nylon that will not loose quality as it is recycled. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made by recovering nylon waste -such as fishing nets from the oceans and aquaculture, fabric scraps from mills and carpets destined for landfill –and turning it into virgin quality nylon yarn for the fashion and interior industries. Recycled PET is also used to make the zips, labels, threads and padding in the bags.

The Bond Morgan England Mutatio Collection is available to purchase in store and online from Wolf and Badger, as well as on the Bond Morgan website, where you can learn more about the brand and their ambition towards a circular economy.

Find the Mutatio collection on the Wolf and Badger website: wolfandbadger.com

Visit the Bond Morgan website: bondmorgan.com

Imagery copyright: Bond Morgan Limited