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Psychological Astrology with Lara Jordan

Happy New Year! Is this your opportunity to begin afresh? Is clarity needed to instigate changes? New beginnings can sometimes feel daunting; like the short winter days, there’s not enough light to guide our way. Psychological Astrology helps us authentically navigate the journey ahead. 

Based on the work of Carl Jung, Psychological Astrology is a most useful tool for understanding ourselves, illuminating our strengths and giving insight towards working with our self-perceived weaknesses of hangups. This leads us to greater personal liberation and authenticity in our lives.

Lara will draw up your astrological birth chart, which gives her information to help guide and inspire your personal growth and true life direction. You will then explore what is currently going on in your life, what they year ahead looks like and focus on any areas requiring deeper understanding, such as:

  • deeper understanding of oneself
  • guidance in life direction
  • help with career issues
  • clearer understanding of one’s relationships
  • overcoming personal blocks
  • assistance to break repeating patterns
  • clarity when overwhelmed with choices
  • understanding & support with children/young adults

Lara offers consultations in person at her office in Clifton Village, Bristol, or online via Zoom/Skype. For more information, you can email on astro@larajordan.co.uk, call 07817 921447, or visit Lara’s website: larajordan.co.uk